Hi! My name is Sarah G. Ramirez. I am pleased to welcome you to my site. CyanFitness is my brainchild. I open this platform so I can share my expertise on total wellness with you. Here, I do not only design personalized workout programs. But most importantly, I help you develop the habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It pains me to hear people getting frustrated because their workout program barely produces positive results. I’m not saying, though, that the other fitness program providers are deceptive or inappropriate. It’s just that many clients fail to understand how to make wellness a journey of a lifetime.

At CyanFitness, I design personalized workout programs together with its corresponding nutrition regimen in order for you to achieve your ideal body. And I see to it that your scale moves and your body shrinks down to the size you want. I make sure that you see significant improvements in your body sooner than you expect.

My programs are not meant to replace medical advice. And I advise you to consult your doctor first before we talk about your workout and nutritional program. Otherwise, you would run the risk of injuries that might lead to a failed exercise regimen.

In order for you to get an overview of what CyanFitness is all about, I invite you to browse through the pages. I would also love to hear from you personally soon.

So, let’s start talking about how I may guide you in your journey to a leaner body and healthier lifestyle.

Sarah G. Ramirez