Adidas Powerlift 2.0 Review – Read Before You Buy

Proper weight lifting is all about generating force with your hips and legs and then transferring it to your arms and then to the bar. For this to be a success, you need footwear that is comfortable and stable enough to improve not only your posture but also muscle mobility.

If you’ve been searching for such type of shoes, then is the time you tried Adidas Powerlift 2.0.

Why You Need to Invest in Weightlifting Shoes

1. Ankle support

Poor ankle support will limit your range of motion when performing a variety movements such as back squat and more. Weightlifting shoes come with raised soles that work best to improve ankle mobility making your workouts comfortable and productive. Also, they have rigid soles that create a more secure feeling to your feet.

2. Proper Posture

Poor posture can prevent you from achieving a successful lift. The good news is, weight lifting shoes offers different heel elevations allowing you to choose a height that will help you maintain an upright posture when lifting.

Also, maintaining a proper posture also helps distribute all the weight throughout your body improving your balance.

3. Enhanced Mobility

Your muscles need to be mobile enough to generate the power required to lift successfully as well as to maintain proper posture. Good weight lifting shoes combine ankle support and robust base with elevated heels enhancing the mobility of your muscles throughout the weight lifting session.

With increased mobility, you will be able to generate enough power as well as maintain a proper posture when lifting.

4. Reduce the Risks of Injuries

Weight lifting is without a doubt the most efficient way to build muscles fast. Unfortunately, it is not one of the most comfortable and safest exercises you can perform without precautions.

A solid base and proper support that is offered by weight lifting shoes reduce the risks of injuries when lifting heavy weights.

Weight lifting is without a doubt the most efficient way to build muscles fast. Unfortunately, it is not one of the most comfortable and safest exercises you can perform without precautions.

A solid base and proper support that is offered by weight lifting shoes reduce the risks of injuries when lifting heavy weights.Clearly, weightlifting shoes have many other benefits that are not mentioned here. But this doesn’t make all the weightlifting shoes you can find on the market equal. Here are some tips.

How to Choose Weightlifting Shoes

I. Construction

Just like any other footwear, weight lifting shoes vary in construction. There are those with stiff upper and less flex that are designed for barbell lifters as well as those with soles that are semi-rigid and more flex that are intended for other workouts such as calisthenics and the rest. Since you are a body builder, you will need those with stiff upper and less flex.

II. Heel height

Another important factor to consider is the heel height since it will determine your posture when exercising. Keep in mind; even the slightest difference in height will largely affect your weight lifting session. So, select heel heights that feel comfortable on your feet. I would suggest that you try them at the shop before buying.

III. Comfort

It is almost impossible to survive an entire workout session if you are feeling a pinch on your feet. You need shoes that are highly padded and fully breathable to provide comfort as well as improve the air flow to your feet. I would suggest that you go for shoes with padded insoles and breathable mesh.

IV. Price

Weightlifting shoes are mandatory if you want your bodybuilding journey to be a success, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be expensive. So, look for shoes with all the above features, but ensure that you are comfortable with the price that is being offered.

What Makes Adidas Powerlift 2.0 Better Than Others?

Adidas Powerlift 2.0 is one of the most affordable footwear that suits almost any type of weight lifting. In fact, it is the most affordable yet reliable weightlifting shoes offered by Adidas on the market.

Unlike many other weightlifting shoes, it comes with a stable solid base as well as excellent stability providing maximum comfort when lifting weights.Also, it features a breathable mesh as well as a strap making it one of the most comfortable, firm and stable weightlifting shoes on the market. To understand why it is the right footwear for you, here are some of its great features.


• Highly breathable synthetic mesh

• The upper is made of synthetic leather for durability and support.

• One instep strap for an extra rearfoot integrity.

• Its shaft measures about low top from the arch.

• Is wide in size for maximum comfort

1. Maximum Comfort

Comfort is a major factor when weight lifting and no shoe offers that much better than Adidas Powerlift 2.0. It is padded throughout and made of synthetic leather that provides maximum comfort when lifting weights.

Also, they are highly flexible for any feet and elevated appropriately for demanding exercises such as calf raises and more.

2. Perfect fit

If your feet is medium-sized, you will need shoes that are expandable along their insole. Adidas Powerlift 2.0 are narrow along the insole, but when worn they fit perfectly. They also feel comfortable on the inside making forward and backward movements easier.

3. Stable

When lifting weights, your feet need to be firm on the ground to allow good posture and to reduce the risks accidents. Adidas features a flat sole that does not only offer you maximum stability but also limits the risks of accidents when moving across the floor with weights.

Also, they feature lifted heels that are about, 0.6 inches high and made of a highly dense EVA material. This feature improves your calves’ as well as hamstrings’ flexibility making it easy for you to achieve deeper squats and other movements.


  • Cheap for shoes their type
  • Highly padded insoles for maximum comfort.
  • Features a flat sole for maximum stability
  • Its upper is made of durable synthetic leather.


  • Not the best choice for deadlift workouts.
  • They won't serve you well if you have wide feet

The Bottom Line

As a regular weight lifter, I can say that Adidas Powerlift 2.0 is too cheap for its price. They are comfortable, stable and durable and the best part they feature a fantastic construction.

One fact is, they have almost everything that you will find with some of the most expensive weightlifting shoes on the market.If you’ve been looking for a perfect weight lifting shoe that won’t cost you much, then Adidas Powerlift 2.0 is without a doubt your best bet.

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