What are The Best Adjustable Dumbbells in 2018

Adjustable dumbbells are the most exceptional muscle building and toning equipment ever invented. They are all-around, effective and the best part, affordable.

Unlike any other fitness equipment, they offer you a variety of workout options that target a variety of muscle groups around your body ranging from the smallest to the biggest. Depending on how you plan to weight train, you can use them in pairs on both sides or one on one side.Unlike other weight training equipment, adjustable dumbbells are known to be quite beneficial since they are adjustable and affordable. They are also known to offer a variety of workout options. For example, you can do bicep curls and move to triceps kickbacks with ease.

If you are planning to turn your home space into a fully equipped gym then investing in the best adjustable dumbbells on the market is without a doubt your best bet. Here is everything you need to know when buying adjustable dumbbells.

A Quick Look At The Best Adjustable Dumbbells in 2018



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Bowflex  Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

Universal Selectorized 445 Dumbbells and Stand

Power Block GF-SPDBLK24 Adjustable SpeedBlock Dumbbell

Starring 65 105 200 Lbs adjustable dumbbells

Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System with Stand

What to Look When Buying Adjustable Dumbbells

Safety - If the adjustable dumbbell you are about to buy doesn’t have an effective securing system, the plates may easily move to one side and will likely injure you by pinching your hand. When buying the best adjustable dumbbells, it is safe to choose the ones with a locking system that keeps the weights on both sides in place.

Space-Friendly - Size might seem less important, but when dealing with the best adjustable dumbbells, space is quite an important factor. Besides, leaving obstacles on the floor is a risk when weight training. So, ensure that what you buy is space friendly. Look for adjustable dumbbells that are small in size or the ones with a stand.

Affordability - Dumbbells are priced differently, depending on the features, quality, and performance. But that doesn’t mean the most expensive adjustable dumbbell will satisfy your need. It also doesn’t mean that investing in the cheapest will disappoint.
The best adjustable dumbbells on the market fall between $200 to $500. Depending on your wallet, you can always find what is pleasing.

Warranty - When you check out several adjustable dumbbells online, you will realize that warranty offer on them differ. There are those dealers that offer six months to one year warranty and those that offer two years to lifetime. Apart from the price, ensure that what you buy has the best warranty offer.

Durability - There are those adjustable dumbbells that will serve you for an extended period as well as those that will break or lose their painting job in less than six months. To avoid unnecessary surprises, ensure that the equipment is made using a long-lasting material, sturdy enough and has the best paint job than other available options.

Review of The Best Adjustable Dumbbells in 2018

1. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

If you are searching for an adjustable dumbbell that won’t take much of your space, then Bowflex SelectTech might be your best answer. It combines up to 15 sets of varying weights using an innovative dial system giving you an easy time when trying to change weights.
Compared to many other adjustable dumbbells on the market, it is smaller in size making it a perfect choice for a home gym. Each of its dumbbells can adjust from 5-52.2 pounds in 2.5 pounds increments all the way up to 25 lbs.
These minor increments allow you to increase the weights without bulking up easily. One thing that might prevent you from buying this dumbbell is its price. According to many users, it is quite expensive, but that doesn't eliminate the fact that it is also one the high-end versions on the market.

  • It features an innovative dial that allows you to change weights quickly.
  • It is one of the smallest adjustable dumbbells on the market requiring small space.


  • It is expensive according to few customers

2. Universal Selectorized 445 Dumbbells and Stand

One thing that will make you want to buy Universal PowerPack is its astounding design. It is small, comes with two adjustable dumbbells and the best part, if features s sturdy stand, meaning, you won’t have to place your dumbbells on the floor.
It comes with a quick dial that allows you to adjust weights from 4-45 pounds in five-pound increments. If you value safety when working out, you will also like its plate locking mechanism that lets you enjoy your workouts safely.
The plate locking system holds the plates in place preventing them from falling and causing any injury or discomfort when working out. In addition to this, the manufacturers also added thermoplastic handles that are durable and provides a comfortable grip.
Last but not least, it features a sturdy stand that gives you an easy time when trying to organize and store your dumbbells for easy reach. This means you don't have to leave your equipment lying on your gym floor.
One of the things that you might not like about this adjustable dumbbell is that it clicks a lot. One user claimed that it makes unnecessary noise that might distract you when trying to concentrate on your workout..


  • Plate locking mechanism that prevents the plates from falling.
  • Comes with a sturdy stand for storage and organization
  • It features thermoplastic plastic handles for a comfortable grip


  • Clicks a lot creating a lot of noise
  • Highly priced that its closest competitors

3. Power Block GF-SPDBLK24 Adjustable SpeedBlock Dumbbell

PowerBlock Sport offers you the most compact adjustable dumbbell you will ever come across with up to 24 pieces of dumbbell sets. The weights range from 2 to 24 pounds on each side with three pounds increments placing up to eight pairs of dumbbells of free dumbbells in one pair space.
It is also one of the smallest and best adjustable dumbbells on the market designed for limited space. It also features a compact design. Due to this, you can store it anywhere whether it is your bedroom, store or living room.
Its design makes it favorable when it comes to control and balance. Apart from its fantastic design, the manufacturers included rubberized hands that provide you with a secure grip making placing it among the most comfortable and best adjustable dumbbells in this list.
Just like PowerPak, it features a stand for easy organization and storage. So, you don't have to leave your dumbbells on the floor. One of the thing that you might not like about this adjustable dumbbells is that the plates keep falling and can easily pinch your arm when working out.
The elastic bands that the manufacturers added seem not to be working as expected. The loose plates make it the worst choice for above-the-head workouts such as overhead triceps.


  • It comes with rubber handles offering you a secure grip when working out.
  • It is compact and smaller in size for easy storage.
  • Designed to please


  • Not safe for above-the-head workouts such as overhead triceps

4. Starring 65 105 200 Lbs adjustable dumbbells

One thing I liked about this dumbbell is that it comes in different varieties. This allows you to choose the weight that suits your needs making it a perfect choice for both amateurs and pro weight trainers.
Its design allows you to set up or dismount the dumbbells without a sweat. You don't need to use any tools to set it up. You can also set it up in increments of 5 pounds that are adjustable from 5-52.5 lbs allowing you to find your optimal weight with ease.
It also comes with several weights you can choose from with a maximum of 100 pounds on each side. It also features a plastic tray that holds and prevents the plates from falling when you are weight training.
Unlike Powerblock mentioned above, you don't have to worry when doing all sorts of workouts including overhead triceps and more. It is also smaller in size for easy storage. Other admirable features include a cast iron that is spray painted, insert that is made of steel and lastly, a steel construction.
Starring is one of the best adjustable dumbbells for home use and is perfect for all ages. One thing you might not like about it is, its handles are a bit rough to grip. A few users have mentioned that the manufacturers could have made it much better by giving it better handles. However, that is one issue you can solve by using gloves.


  • Setting up doesn't require any tools
  • Features plastic trays that hold the plates in place for safety.
  • It is compact and smaller in size for easy storage.


  • Its handles are too rough to grip

5. Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell System with Stand

Ironmaster is one of the most stylish adjustable dumbbells on the market. It is also one of the latest dumbbells on the market with some of the newest fantastic features.
It offers you quick weight adjustments from 5 to 75 lbs in 2.5 increments plus an innovative lock mechanism in less than 15 seconds. The package comes with a free stylish stand for easy organization and storage.
It features handles with safety locking screws, and that weighs 5 lbs. It features robust locking screws that hold the plates in place when working out preventing any unnecessary accident.
Ironmaster is one of the sturdiest adjustable dumbbells in this list featuring a heavy duty construction perfect for pro weight trainers. Despite being the heaviest here, it covers less than two square feet, so, it may still work well for a limited space.
Ironmaster is one adjustable dumbbell that will last you a lifetime, and for that, it is priced a bit higher than its closest rivals.


  • Features heavy-duty construction for stability and durability.
  • Designed for limited space.
  • Features safety robust locking screws that hold the plates in place


  • The most expensive on this list.

The Final Verdict

The five best adjustable dumbbells mentioned above share a lot of similarities. Despite their high price, Bowflex, and PowerPack makes the lightest and easiest to organize due to their small size.

If you are looking for something much affordable but limited, then Starring may serve you best. Ironmaster Quick-Lock might be the most expensive and the heaviest here, but it has almost everything needed for the best adjustable dumbbells.
It is stable, durable and the best part, worth your price. In my opinion, Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System 75 lb gets a win here.

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