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Best Rowing Machine Under 500

It can be a real challenge for some people to find the time to work out, especially those living a busy life. Fitting in a workout routine on a regular basis requires lots of dedication and sacrifice. Those who want to provide a full workout to their body don’t have plenty of stationary exercise equipment […]

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Rowing Machine Vs Elliptical: Which Provides the Best Workout?

If you want aerobic activities to lose body fat while reducing disease risks, look at a rowing machine vs an elliptical.  Both machines deliver a cardiovascular, high-calorie-burning, non-impact workout. However, when it comes to a rowing machine in comparison to an elliptical machine, there are a few differences.Rowing machines, using a push-pull style, deliver a full […]

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Best Weight Bench reviews in 2018

A weight bench is known for its straightforward design. You’re able to use this exercise use it at any time of day, it’s one of the most simple pieces exercise equipment you can add to your home gym. While it might be one of the most simple pieces of equipment, it can still take time […]

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5 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers of 2018 – Top Reviews

Waterproof fitness trackers are the best option for people who want to track their fitness progress. Some smartwatches have a fitness tracker built in, but more and more fitness enthusiasts are steering away from a smartwatch for their fitness tracking needs. This is due to the fact that smartwatches simply aren’t built to be as […]

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