How to Perform Total Gym Workouts to Achieve Better Fitness Results

Can’t find time to exercise? Well, you are not alone. Medical news today report that approximately 80% of U.S residents who sign up for gym memberships never attend. Why waste all that money knowing you won’t attend?

The fact is, everyone wants to exercise to achieve and maintain a good physique, but it is only a few who can find the time and motivate themselves to do something. Others just can’t exercise in public because they feel embarrassed.

The question is, why deny your body what it needs if you have other better options?Total gym workouts are exercise performed using a total gym equipment that is intended for those who can’t attend public fitness centers because they feel embarrassed or can’t find time, but can afford to exercise indoors.

What is a Total Gym? What Makes it The Best Choice for a Home Gym?

Designed for all ages, the Total Gym is currently the best home gym on the market endorsed by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. It is easy to use, effective and most importantly, enjoyable making it a perfect choice for an entire family.

​One thing I liked about this machine is that if offers a variety of exercise options that include, cardio workouts, strength training as well as stretching making it possible for the user to work on all major muscle groups in one session. With this equipment, you can exercise your entire body in a short time.

How Total Gym Works?

The idea behind this unique equipment is that it allows you to use your body weight as a resistance to perform strength training exercises that also aim to burn fat and increase muscle mass just like when using dumbbells other machines.

The equipment features a platform that is mounted on adjustable rails. What you are required to do is, move the platform by using the pulley handles. You can also adjust the bench incline to level up the intensity of your workouts.

In short, total gym allows you to use your weight to perform strength training exercises. For that reason, it limits the risks of injuries, making it a perfect choice for all ages including the young and the old.

Regardless of your shape, age or size, total gym equipment makes it possible for you to achieve your fitness goals without working so hard.

How will you Benefit by Performing Total Gym Workouts?

  • Exercise all your muscle group in one time

Jumping from one equipment to the next or performing a variety of exercises to gain strength can be exhausting and boring. Total gym works on all your muscle groups while at the same time targeting the areas that have problems.

  • Do more in less time

Total gym workouts are also intended for those who are ever busy and have limited time. Because it engages all your muscle groups, it is easy to exercise your entire body in less time making it a perfect choice for evening hours.

  •  Strength training without bulking up

Most women want to gain strength but fear that it would build muscle making them look bad. With total gym workouts, you don’t have to worry. This equipment allows you to use your body as resistance, enabling an increase in strength without bulking up.

  • Gain more with limited risks

With many other home gyms such as squat rack and the rest, a spotter must be around to ensure that you are safe. With total gym workouts, no weights that can slip, fall and hurt you are involved, except your body.

  • Doesn’t require much space

While exercising at home is a good idea for many, some people live in apartments or homes with limited space. One thing I like about this equipment is that it is space-friendly and will fit almost anywhere, unlike large home equipment such as treadmills.

  • A variety of workouts

You don't need to buy another machine to achieve your desired results. With more resistant levels, total gym allows you to perform many exercises by just changing your position. More resistant levels also enable people of all ages, sizes, and heights to use the equipment with much ease.

  • Work well for all genders

Unlike other equipment, total gym works perfectly for both men and women. Depending on your fitness goals, you can always gain muscle, build strength or just burn fat. What you are required to do, is to adjust the incline of your bench.

How do I Perform Total Gym Workouts?

1. Upper Body Workouts

  • Chest exercises – To perform chest press, chest flyers, or close-grip, sit on the bench facing forward, hold and pull the pulley handles towards you. To perform pullovers, lie on the bench.
  • Shoulder exercises – Sit on the bench facing forward, lift up the pulley handles that are located in front of you to perform front raises. You can also just sit on the bench, but this time, facing the pulleys so that you can row the pulleys handles to your torso.
    • The third option is to lie facing upwards and bring your head near the pulleys and pull the handles towards your sides.
  • Biceps exercises – Sit on the bench facing the pulleys. You can then curl the pulley handles up and towards your shoulders to perform bicep curls.

2. Core Workouts

The total gym also allows you to exercise your ab muscles as well as obliques. What you are required to do is to hold the pulley handles to incorporate crunches.

To maximize the benefits, sit perpendicularly on the bench, twist your torso so that you can pull the handles of the pulleys across your body. This exercise will help replace your belly fat with muscle just like when using an abs machine.

3. Lower Body Workouts

The manufacturers included a platform located at the end of the equipment that enables you to lie on your back facing up, perform squats as well as lunges to help strengthen your legs and your entire lower body.

Performing these exercises will help tone your calves, quadriceps as well as glutes. Unlike squat rack and exercise equipment intended to develop lower body, total body workouts targets several muscle groups in your lower body.

It also allows you to exercise your hamstrings. What you are required to do is to attach the pulley hands, lie on the bench facing down and bend your knees bringing your feet close to your glutes.

Additional Tips When Performing Total Gym Workouts

  • Find motivation – You can’t exercise continuously without motivation. So find anything that will keep you moving, whether it is your favorite music or video.
  • Timing – The fact is, you can’t exercise at all times. The best time to exercise is when you have the energy and the morale. I would recommend morning when you wake up, evening hours when you are done with work or weekends when you have nothing to do.
  • Have a workout out plan – To benefit from total body workouts, you need to exercise consistently, and that can’t happen if you don’t have anything to guide you. So, create a realistic workout plan and maintain it. Remember; you don’t need to exercise so hard if you can stick to your routine.

The Bottom Line

The fact is, you can maintain an effective workout routine without the right equipment, time and motivation. Even if you’ve signed up for a gym membership, it is hard to get the best out of it simply because you will be depending on limited time and exercising with many machines that are not only hard to use but also risky for beginners.

The total gym makes it easy for you to maintain your workout routine with limited risks. Unlike many other machines, it is easy to use, space-friendly, safe and the best part, offers a variety of workouts you can perform at home with much ease.

But to take full advantage of total gym workouts, you need to find motivation, time and most importantly, have an effective workout plan that does not collide with your daily schedules.

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