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Iam James, a current bodybuilder and a fitness enthusiast. I manage Cyan fitness along with few other fitness enthusiasts cum writers. Our aim is to provide workout/fitness information about various workouts, exercises, diet tips, CrossFit, Yoga, etc. and also to spread awareness and knowledge about holistic approach towards health and fitness.

Best Warm Up Exercises And Keys To a Successful Warm-up Routine

Why warm up before workouts? This is a common question many patients and exercise fanatics ask more often, and I guess, you are here for an answer. If you’ve been exercising around other fitness enthusiasts, it is possible you’ve seen many of them stretch their legs, arms or hips before exercising. Probably, in your thoughts, […]

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Top 10 foods that help building muscle

It is well known that protein is the important constituent of diet responsible for muscle growth. You will need to consume 0.7-0.8 times of your body weight in grams of protein per day. But muscle growth requires more than protein. It has to be a balanced diet. Sufficient amount of carbs, fiber, healthy fats are […]

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5 Foods that Combat Cravings and Help You Lose Weight

When it comes to healthy eating, food cravings are the enemy. You can eat well all day long, only to be hit by a massive craving for junk food in the evening. Although you may not want to sabotage your diet, fighting through cravings is incredibly difficult. Most of us are guilty of giving in […]

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Best Rowing Machine Under 500

It can be a real challenge for some people to find the time to work out, especially those living a busy life. Fitting in a workout routine on a regular basis requires lots of dedication and sacrifice. Those who want to provide a full workout to their body don’t have plenty of stationary exercise equipment […]

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Amino Acids 101 – When and How To Take Them

Amino acids are the backbone of protein and are essential for our body – they help the development of muscles, tissues, organs and skin and are vital for everyone, particularly those who are very physically active. Although many are produced naturally by our bodies, some are not, and when we are very physically active, our […]

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