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Iam James, a current bodybuilder and a fitness enthusiast. I manage Cyan fitness along with few other fitness enthusiasts cum writers. Our aim is to provide workout/fitness information about various workouts, exercises, diet tips, CrossFit, Yoga, etc. and also to spread awareness and knowledge about holistic approach towards health and fitness.

Best Recumbent Bikes in 2018 – Read THIS Review Before Buying!

Recumbent bikes are indoor stationary bikes. Basically they’re bikes you can sit on. They take weight off your back, all while providing an intense cardio workout. The best recumbent bikes have a low-impact design, perfect for anyone looking to exercise without putting much strain on your hips, back, and legs. Recumbent bikes are commonly seen at […]

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5 Best Stretching Machines of 2018 – Top Choices Reviewed!

Stretching machines are essential for those looking to improve their flexibility. They allow muscles to stretch more easily. Tight muscles can feel stiff and uncomfortable, or they can cause straight pain. Not everyone wants to take the time to stretch each individual muscle, which is why stretching machines can come in handy. Stretching equipment can used to […]

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8 Best Elliptical Machines of 2018 – Our Top Picks Tested!

Today’s best elliptical machine offers technically advanced options, like fitness tracking information and superior ergonomic support. Elliptical machines continue to grow in popularity as people look for cardio workouts and options to tone their body and lose weight. With the growing popularity, a solid elliptical gym machine gets easier to find. The top elliptical machine will be […]

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Best Home Gym – 2018’s Top 10 Models Reviewed!

Home gyms have become best-sellers partly due to the increasing awareness of people and their need to be fit. Fast-paced lifestyles have also contributed to high sales of home gym machines. With the best home gym, it is now possible for anyone to achieve their fitness goals, without going to a fitness center. Convenience is perhaps […]

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