What are The Best Ab Machines for Home Use in 2018?

It is important you give your abs the attention it deserves as it is the epicenter of your body. The entire region acts as a support to your spine, and the ab muscle has the primary responsibility of stabilizing your spine.

The ab muscles are the structural framework and foundation with the role of spine stabilization and the trunk support. Having strong abs are vital to your wellbeing and are important in your everyday life, and an Ab machine can be used to achieve it.

Off-late, working out at home is a trend that is growing in popularity every day. The reason is simple; most people don’t see the need to spend a huge amount on a gym membership. To the rest, it is a tedious task waking up early in the morning to hit the gym or going to the gym after a tiresome day at work.

This prompted people to settle for working out at home in their convenience and also avoiding the membership bill of a gym

Every ab machine in the market today has various functions, target consumers, and areas in the body.They all claim to be the solution to reducing belly fat by working out your abs, but how many of them perform as advertised?

Hopefully, with this review, you will be able to narrow down your choices and saving your energy, time and money in the long process.

A Quick Look at The Best Ab Machines



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Ab Carver Pro Roller

XMark Fitness Adjustable Decline Ab Bench

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment,

Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller

Stamina Hyper Bench

Choosing the Right Ab Machine

Abs are quite difficult to work out especially from the top to bottom, and many people are on the lookout for ab machines that will make it easier for them by getting a mechanical advantage . While some of these ab machines might succeed in working out the upper abs, a majority will struggle to work out the most difficult area– the lower ab which is hard to target.
Another factor to consider is your budget. There are various ab machines with prices that might tell on your bank account. So you should remember all these before picking up any ab machine.

Some of these ab machines rely on your core muscles working together in unison for proper execution of movement.Additionally, they offer a form of variety when boredom creeps into your current routine of core-strengthening.

Some of them are ab machines have a back support that is padded; this can encourage repetitions of various exercises due to the comfort derived from it. Just like on video games, you can adjust the difficulty of some of these ab machines.

They encourage you to challenge yourself each time, and this reflects positively by burning down those calories around the stomach.They also offer an increase in the motion range which is vital as it allows you to target your core more efficiently.

Best Way to Use Ab Machines

Frankly, using these ab machines alone won’t give you the rock hard abs. You will need to burn every fat around your abdomen by cardio and by changing your diet/eating habits to see the result of your hard work.

Your core will be strengthened and your skin toned with the right diet and work out program. The importance of having a hardcore is it helps you get a better posture and also helps prevent lower back pain.

Never ignore one of the key areas of developing abs which are stabilization. A lot of these ab machines aid in movement but end up sacrificing their ability to help to stabilize muscles.

You should aim for ab work out that affect all areas and angles in a way that is balanced and fatigue free.From my experiences, movements that bring the lower body upwards to the upper body and exercises aimed at stabilization, are usually the best for abs development.

If you combine all these, you will be amazed at the result produced. Don’t forget to take a rest at intervals to encourage recuperation of the body.

Review of the Best Ab Machines

 1. Ab Carver Pro Roller 

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is one of the great ab machines in working out your core. It features an exclusive kinetic assist engine benefit with a powerful spring inside which primary purpose is to help negate difficulty in performing the motion accurately. This also, in turn, assists in the efficient working of your core.

Another feature of the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is the ultra-wide and sturdy wheel, which to me is the best feature of this ab machine. With this feature, the Ab Carver Pro is very stable and you can focus better on areas of your choice.

The Advanced Handle Design is a feature that improves your workout. On the grip of the Ab Carver Pro, you will notice it is rubberized and curve, this is made so for a perfect stability control.You will find a 21-day DVD to aid your working out as fast as possible


  • The Ab Carver Pro is made up of quality materials which give it a sturdy feel. 
  • It is quite stable because of the wide wheel base that keeps your body centered.
  • It has good value for money.
  • It is comfortable for use because of the rubberized contour handle, and it contains a foam knee pad
  • It is made up of a carbon spring which aids the effectiveness of each movement.


  • It has limited exercise use (abs alone).
  • It is a bit pricey.

2. XMark Fitness Adjustable Decline Ab Bench

Xmark is a trusted brand when it comes to fitness equipment. One of the products in their lineups is the XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1.
One great thing I love about this product is because of its user- friendliness. It is easy to understand, and you can adjust it to your comfort. One great feature of this product is the support handle which helps you get on and off the sit-up bench.

Another superb feature is it also has an extra-thick cushion that is covered in a tear-resistant vinyl which gives extra comfort.I was amazed when I found out it can accommodate every user irrespective of your size or fitness level because of the twelve vertical height adjustment options.

This product is one of the best in its category as it is comfortable to use and it has a unique technology that helps to protect your lower back from strains or worst case scenarios- injury.


  • Sit-up bench is its stability and sturdy feel.Its wide and long size.
  • People of over 350lbs in weight and tall height can use it comfortably and safely.
  • It has good value for money.
  • It has a wider construction which makes it good for people with broad shoulders.
  • It comes with a handle bar for an easy get on and off the sit-up bench.


  • It is not foldable for storage.
  • A few users have claimed that the legs of the sit-up bench which has a plastic cap do not stay secured.

3. Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment

The Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment is one of the best workout machines for abs development. It is an accessory for work out which features a dual spring with an option for eight workouts.

The dual resistance springs primary aim is to challenge your abs and helps provide core strengthening. It does this by working your muscles up on the way up and down giving maximum results.

It features a unique design makes it foldable for easy storage. It also comes assembled and ready to use. The Wonder Core improves the strength of the core. It features an adjustable resistance engine that works quite good for beginners and professionals.


  • It comes assembled when you buy them
  • It is also foldable for better storage and transportation
  • It is user- friendly
  • It comes packaged with a DVD guide to walk you all way.


  • The diet program is not comprehensive
  • It is unsuitable for people that are large
  • People whose weight are above 250lbs will have difficulty using this product.

4. Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller

The Ab Roller Pro looks like a frame in its appearance and it supports your upper body, head and arms as you go on to perform your workouts like sit-ups, crunches, and reverse crunches.
With the Ab roller, you can perform these exercise and still maintain a perfect form.

It features a dual wheel design which will give you proper balance and stability while performing your workouts.Overall, it is a decent product for ab development considering its price.


  • The Ab Wheel Roller Pro runs smoothly with the aid of the two-wheel system, and this prevents you from feeling much strain on your wrists.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty incase anything gets broken.
  • It does a good job of developing of abs for the upper body area.


  • No extra packages; no instructions, no knee pad – just the wheel alone.
  • The materials also used felt cheap. Even if it was plastic, there are better quality options.

5. Stamina Hyper Bench

The Stamina Hyper Bench features a 2-inch steel frame which helps you get a stable workout session and ensures the bench stays longer. It also has a slip resistant rubber cap with the primary function to prevent injury to you and damage to your floor.

The Non-slip rubber also helps the hyper bench from slipping on and off. I have to confess that it is quite comfortable when using it because of the amount of cushion applied - on the leg, hand-grips, rollers and other parts of the hyper bench.

Without the cushioning, it will be very uncomfortable and frustrated during your workout sessions.Another great feature of this product is the adjustable footrest and backrest which helps you use the bench better irrespective of your height and size.

It is a great product made with quality materials, and it can be condensed down for easy storage.


  • The price is reasonable, and you can afford it.
  • The Hyper bench is versatile - it can be used in various ways
  • The Cushion used makes it very comfortable to use
  • It is made of quality materials and is quite sturdy – it does not wobble and will stand the test of time.


  • It has a weight limit of 250lbs
  • It would have been better if the bench was longer.

Invest on Dumbbells

Abs machine alone will only help you achieve ripped abs. I guess your intention is to get a more desirable physique. I would recommend dumbbells.

Just like when buying abs machine, ensure they are space friendly, durable and affordable. Learn more about dumbbells here

Final Words

Every one of these products reviewed has what they bring to the table regarding abs development. While some of these ab machines are specialized towards abs development alone at home, others are versatile and can be used in various forms and ways.

Among all, our top pick is Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro. It is a great piece of machine that delivers a stellar result. It is made of quality materials which give it that sturdy feel.

It might not be versatile like the hyper bench or cheap like the ab wheel, but it does what it is meant to do perfectly.Overall, you won’t go wrong if you decide to pick any of the reviewed product.

They all have a role to play in abs development. That’s it folks, don’t forget to drop your comments or questions down below.

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