Maxi Climber Reviews: Is It Really a Great Exercise Machine?

maxi climber reviews

If you are looking for a vertical fitness machine for your home gym, you probably already know finding the best one isn’t easy. After all, it is hard to find that perfect balance of efficiency and compactness.

Fortunately, the Maxi Climber is designed to offer both easy storage and an efficient full-body workout.

So, what exactly is a Maxi Climber good for? These reasons are why we believe that the Maxi Climber is the best vertical fitness machine for a routine workout:

* It is low-impact, so your joints won’t become stressed

* The Maxi Climber is one of the best cardio machines available

* It takes up very little space

* It works out every important muscle on your body

So, What Exactly is the Maxi Climber?

maxi climber

Maxi Climbers are designed for short, efficient exercises right in your own home. It mimics mountain climbing, and burns calories from muscles in your arms and all the way down to your legs and thighs.

The adjustment settings are incredibly ergonomic and the functions are user-friendly, making this machine ideal for people of all fitness levels. This machine burns fat while promoting a healthy cardiovascular system.

Overall, this device is incredibly convenient and fits in any home, even in small apartments. Aside from the machine itself, the Maxi Climber comes with a calorie and step counter, a DVD training guide, a meal plan, and a tracking chart.

These features make it incredibly easy to see your progress. Anyone serious about their personal fitness will love the benefits of the Maxi Climber.

When the Maxi Climber is extended, it is 22 inches in width, 79 inches in height, and 36 inches in depth. It only weighs 34 pounds, making transportation a breeze.

Reviewing the Benefits of the Maxi Climber

maxi climber benefits

Adjustable Height - There are five different height setting, perfect for people of many different heights.

Bio-X Technology - The “cross-crawl” motion engages your core with each step you take.

Foldable For Storage - Perfect for smaller homes and apartment, the Maxi Climber can easily be folded. When folded, it is even small enough to fit under your bed.

Workout Timer - The workout timer included on the Maxi Climber counts how many calories you burned with each workout, along with how many total steps you took. The timer automatically powers on when you begin your workout and stops right when you finish.

Ergonomic Design - The ergonomic design features isometric non-stick grips. This allows for smooth, low-impact, comfortable workouts.

Maxi Climber Pros

  • Moderately Priced - Many other vertical fitness machines that do the same as, or even less than the Maxi Climber are considerably more expensive. The Maxi Climber is a great value for the price.
  • Short Workouts - Only three, ten minute long workouts per week are required to begin seeing results on the Maxi Climber. However, if your time and fitness levels allow for it, you should push for even more frequent workouts to really get those results you’re looking for.
  • Total Body Workout - The Maxi Climber is capable of providing users with a full body aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Regular use of this machine will improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and tone your glutes, thighs, calves, core, triceps, and biceps all at the same time.
  • High-Calorie Burning Workout - For every 60 minutes spent on this machine, you will burn an average of 500 calories. Keep in mind this also depends on your diet, age, weight, and more.
  • Solid Machine - The Maxi Climber is incredibly durable thanks to the cold-rolled steel it is constructed of.
  • Compact - The Maxi Climber is compact as it is, and when it is folded up, it can easily be stored in the cracks and crevices of your home.
  • Stable - This machine will never tip or fall over. It may move slightly when used on carpet, but it is very stable for the most part.
  • Quiet - Unlike other home fitness machines, the Maxi Climber is incredibly quiet. You can be sure other members of your household will not be disturbed when you use the machine.
  • Easy Assembly - Fortunately, the Maxi Climber comes 90 percent assembled. Finishing the job should only take about 10-15 minutes, and it shouldn’t require the help of another person. The assembly tool included makes this process even easier.
  • Warranty - A one-year warranty is included.

Maxi Climber Cons

  • Head Clearance Required - If you are taller, your ceiling will need to be higher in order for you to use the Maxi Climber. You should be okay as long as your ceiling is eight feet or higher.
  • Workout Timer Position - The workout timer is incredibly efficient, but due to its location on the machine, you might have some difficulty viewing your stats when using the machine.
  • Set Resistance - Unfortunately, the resistance of the Maxi Climber is set and can not be adjusted. There is a workaround to this, however. Taking deeper steps and putting more controlled effort into your workout can increase the intensity of your workout and cause you to burn more calories, should you desire to do so.

Maxi Climber Weight Limits

Many people looking to purchase a Maxi Climber find themselves worried about how much weight the Maxi Climber can withstand. This is definitely a reasonable concern, as nobody wants to purchase a vertical fitness machine only to learn that it cannot support their weight.

The official weight limit of the Maxi Climber is 240 pounds. The company swears that as long as this limit is respected, the machine will not break. However, some people heavier than this weight limit have reported using the machine without any problems.

If you are over 240 pounds and still want to attempt using the Maxi Climber, understand that there are added risks involved when you ignore the weight limit. The machine could potentially break, and the company would not be held liable.

Maxi Climber Assembly Instructions

Assembling the Maxi Climber is simple, and you should be able to do so without the help of another person. Overall, as long as you follow the instructions, assembly is a breeze.

Before you begin to attempt to assemble, make sure it came with everything you need. Inside of the box, you should find the main body of the device, two U-bars, two long L-shaped handlebars, two short straight handlebars with grips, and one wrench. If anything is missing, contact customer support and request that the missing pieces be sent to you. If all the parts are there, follow the steps below to begin assembly.

Clear Some Space

Once assembled, the Maxi Climber takes up about six square feet of space. Therefore, you should have this available before you begin assembly. It is recommended to assemble the Maxi Climber in the center of the room. Next, lay out all of the pieces.

Remove The Nuts And Bolts  Located On Top Cradle

The most efficient way to assemble the Maxi Climber is to form the base first. To do this, begin by standing the main body up. When the main body is stood up, the Maxi label should be upside down.

Next, lower one of the machine’s arms. Doing this will give you easy access to two nuts and bolts on top of the machine. Remove these and then place them somewhere where they won’t be lost. Then, pick up the largest U-bar and slot it into the cradle at the top of the machine. The holes on both the U-bar and cradle should be aligned. Place the bolts into the holes and then use the wrench included to screw it into place.

Remove The Nuts And Bolts From The Other Cradle

The next step is to push up the arm lowered in the previous step to give yourself unencumbered access to the second, smaller sized cradle. Remove the nuts and bolts located here and put them somewhere that they won’t be lost.

Sit up the smaller U-bar in the cradle, line up the holes, and then screw the bolts into place. The base of the machine should now be in place, and you can flip the machine over so that the U-bars will be on the floor.

Remove The Pin

On the machine’s base, locate the pin that secures the stabilizing bar into place. Grip the bar firmly and remove the pin. The bar will now be lower. Stop when it reaches a triangular protrusion on the far side of the machine’s base.

You might want to position the U-bars closer together or farther apart, depending on your height. This would be the ideal time to do so. Then, line up both sets of holes and push the pin into place.

Attach The Pulleys

You will see several bolts towards the front of the machine and close to the base on both sides. Remove the nut on the top of the middle one. Then, secure the pulley strings into the circular attachment at the end of the pulley. Next, replace the nut and use the wrench included to tighten it. You want to do this on both sides, but be sure to not lose any of the small pieces in the process.

Attach The Handlebars

The final step of the assembly process is to attach the four handlebars. Work with the longer, moveable arms first. Insert one into the right side of the machine, and one into the left side. The handlebars are marked with L and R to make this step easier. Then, adjust the arms to a comfortable height for you. Then, you want to attach the shorter handlebars to the hollow cylinders on either side of the machine. Slide the ends in first, and then push in the metal pins until they snap into place.

Finally, the Maxi Climber is ready to be used!

How Do You Properly Use The Maxi Climber?

The first step to using the Maxi Climber is proper assembly. Fortunately, assembly is pretty simple as long as you follow the instructions provided. It is recommended to set up the Maxi Climber in the center of your room. Once you have completed this step, you are ready to use the Maxi Climber.

To operate the Maxi Climber, follow the steps below;

Step on the foot pads. This step is similar to climbing up stairs.

Grab onto the handlebars and begin exercising motions. Use this machine like you were climbing up and down mountains.

Your arm motions should directly correspond with your leg motions. As you push the left handle up, push down with your right foot. Continue repeating this motion throughout your workout.

After you have been training for some time, you should feel the effects on your legs, glutes, hips, abs, arms, and other body parts. This is a sign of an effective workout!

We recommend using this device as often as possible! It is more efficient to spend 10 minutes on this machine daily than to spend an hour on the machine once a week. The more often you use the Maxi Climber, the more likely you are to see the great results you are looking for.

What Else Should I Know About The Maxi Climber?

The foot pedals on the maxi climber could be hard on your feet if you are barefoot, so be sure to have comfortable workout shoes before purchasing.

When you use the Maxi Climber, you should be prepared to break a sweat. Keep a towel nearby to wipe down the handlebars as necessary, and keep a full water bottle on you to stay hydrated throughout your workout.

Remember, drinking too much water during your workout can lead to that full feeling in your stomach, so be sure to only drink small amounts during the workout. Never drink too much at one time.

Beginning your workout with a warm up and ending it with a cool down is the best way to prevent injury. Begin your warm up with slow, short strides. After doing this for a few minutes, slowly begin lengthening your stride and increasing your pace.

Continue doing this until you reach your desired strength and stride. Doing so warms up your glutes, legs, and arm muscles at a deep level.

When you want to end your workout, spend a few minutes cooling down instead of abruptly stopping. Your cool down exercise should be the opposite of your warm up, meaning you should slowly decrease your stride and pace until you come to a full stop.

Before you begin your exercise, make sure that the handlebars are at a comfortable height for your arms. Mounting the apparatus is the easiest way to do this. Face the machine and hold onto the stationary handles for support.

Then, place your right foot on the right pedal and pull your body up and place your left foot on the left pedal. When your feet are level, adjust the handlebars so that they are chin height, and push the pins into position to secure them into place.

Maxi Climber Review: Does The Maxi Climber Actually Work?

Many people who have used the Maxi Climber have claimed that this device has changed their life! The Maxi Climber has gotten people to their weight and fitness goals incredibly fast. This machine isn’t just an efficient workout, it’s a fun workout!

Aside from the weight loss benefits, the Maxi Climber can be used to help people train their cardiovascular system. There’s no better way to avoid heart stress! The Maxi Climber has changed my personal fitness routine for the better, but don’t just take my word for it. A quick Google search of “Maxi Climber” will promptly show you pages of results of different health and fitness experts swearing by this machine.

The only reports of the Maxi Climber not working are by people who have admitted to not sticking with the routine. Like most exercises, you need to actually stay faithful to the workout routine to see the desired results. If you do stick with the Maxi Climber, you could burn up to 500 calories per session!

Maxi Climber Workout Routine

Once you have your Maxi Climber, you have to decide on a workout routine. The biggest factors determining what workout routine you choose really depends on your time and fitness level.

To start off with, the company recommends the 10-minute session plan. 10 minutes may seem like an easy number, but keep in mind that is 10 straight minutes of lifting your own body weight.

Those who are already in great physical health may find 10 minutes to be a breeze and decide to workout longer than that. On the contrary, those who are in poorer physical health at first may start with a lower number and work their way up.

For those who aren’t too well versed with exercising, it is recommended to workout in 1-2 minute intervals. Between these intervals, allow yourself for a quick 30-60 second break, and then go for another 1-2 interval.

Keep repeating this until you reach 10 minutes. The more you dedicate yourself to the Maxi Climber, the more you will be able to withstand at one time.

After you have been using the Maxi Climber for some time and have built up some stamina, you may find that the workout you were doing just isn’t as challenging anymore. When you begin to feel like this, it is time to move onto the High Intensity Interval Training workouts.

This is when you go your absolute hardest for 2-4 minutes and then take a 30-60 minute break. Continue doing this for about 20-30 minutes of climbing, depending on what you feel comfortable with.

It is important to know your limits when exercising with the Maxi Climber. An efficient workout is one where you push yourself without overexerting yourself. You want to feel challenged, but you don’t want to be so tired and worked out that it becomes a safety issue.

Why You Should Use The Maxi Climber For Weight Loss And Body Toning

For most individuals, the amount of calories burned during an exercise depend on your age, weight, height, level of extortion, and muscle mass.

The more you get your body sweating and heart pumping, the more calories you are burning. 

If you feel like your exercise isn’t challenging, you probably aren't burning as many calories as you would like to.

When you want to lose weight through exercise, it is important that you understand that this is done by burning excess calories. Usually, the idea is to burn more calories than you intake.

Activities such as stair climbing are a great calorie burning exercise, which is a vertical climbing machine such as the Maxi Climber is perfectly efficient for weight loss. This machine mimics actual stair climbing. Faithfully using this machine will allow you to burn away your calories.

The Maxi Climber is great for losing weight, but it is also incredibly efficient for toning your muscles. Stair and mountain climbing are a popular exercise to tone muscles, so it’s no surprise that the Maxi Climber achieves this as well.

When using this machine, each one of your legs has to lift your entire body weight upwards in a motion similar to doing squats. As a result, this exercise can make your muscles incredibly lean, and your glutes and thighs will become toned.

Many different fitness experts recommend the Maxi Climber for both muscle toning and weight loss.

Our Review for the Maxi Climber

If you are looking for the best vertical fitness machine that will fit comfortably in your home, the Maxi Climber is for you! This machine will help individuals lose weight and tone their muscles quickly, as long as they use the machine efficiently.

The device is so compact it can easily fit in a closet, under a bed, or anywhere else in your home. Since it folds up easily, you can be sure that storage will not be an issue. The efficiency of this machine ensures you get the total body workout you need to reach your fitness goals.

The included exercise DVD will help you get started on the machine and help you find different workouts. Everyone will have a different workout that will be best for them, which is why it’s important to know what your options are.

Overall, we definitely recommend the Maxi Climber!

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