5 Best Spin Bikes 2018 – Read THIS Review Before Buying!

best spin bikes

Spin bikes are essentially the act of riding a bike but stationary and indoors. There are many added benefits for this kind of exercise. With spin bikes, you are able to stay safe, be more in control, and push yourself harder than ever before. 

Whether you like to ride a bike or not, a spin bike is an essential workout unit to up your cardio. A spin bike not only will boost your workouts to a whole new level, but they’re compact enough for any home gym space you might have.

This special form of cycling is designed to be used by anyone. Whether you want to have a high-impact workout or a low intensity spin, you can enjoy a great workout. 

Throughout this guide we’ve curated the top rated spin bikes, so you can focus more on your health, rather than the time consuming research. 

We’ve looked at all the details and key features of some of the hottest indoor cycling bikes on the market. We’ve also made sure to include spin bikes for all price budgets so you don’t overspend.

We listed the bikes from least expensive to most expensive, so keep that in mind before jumping in. You might even be surprised at some of the benefits you can receive (even with the cheapest bike on the market!).

Anyone looking for a deep core exercise will benefit from a spin bike. You’ll find that after a few months of using a spin bike, you’ll have more muscle tone and you’ll be able to endure tougher and longer exercises with ease!

Top 5 Spin Bikes on the Market

Max Weight
LCD Screen

​Our Rating


URSTAR Indoor Spin Bike

250 LBS


Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

275 LBS


Spinner Sprint Premium Indoor Cycle

250 LBS


L NOW Professional Indoor Cycling Bike

500 LBS


Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

300 LBS


5 Best Spin Bikes in 2018

The URSTAR Indoor Spin Bike is one of the best priced spin bikes on the market right now.  At a low price of 189.99 for a limited time, this spin bike comes with a wide range of features that will help you get started on your fitness journey.

This spin bike comes with a fully adjustable seat and handlebars, so that you’re always comfortable no matter how intense the workout is. You’ll also be getting a fully functional LCD screen that will help you track your progress.  

While it is sometimes hit or miss with the LCD screen, this screen is one of the best you’ll be able to find for this price. It’s reliable, accurate, and can change how you plan your workouts since you know exactly how your body is reacting to the workout.

The LCD screen will track your time, speed, distance, pulse, and how many calories you’ve burned while working out for each session.

You’ll also have no problem when it comes to storing this piece of equipment because of the easy to use transportation wheels that are built into the floor frame of the bike. These wheels will ensure that you’ll be able to easily move around the equipment without ruining your floors or having to lift heavy equipment.

You’ll be able to move around this spin bike to make room for your other workout equipment and space needed for other exercises with no hassle.  Overall making your workouts go more smoothly with little to no fuss.

Lastly, the spotlight feature of the URSTAR Indoor Spin Bike would have to be the ultra silence capabilities.  You’ll be able to use this bike any time of day without making a ton of extra noise that can end up being annoying for you and other residents of your house.

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebar to accommodate for any body type.
  • Includes an LCD screen unlike most spin bikes on the market.
  • The LCD screen tracks speed, time, distance, pulse, and calories burned.
  • The bike comes with transportation wheels so you can easily store it and move it.
  • Comes with an added feature that will keep the bike silent when active.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is an innovative feat compared to other models on the market. The sleek design and easy use of this product makes it perfect for any home workout space. Not to mention this bike being one of the highest rated and the only spin bike to be an Amazon’s Choice product.

This spin bike features a strong chain drive that will ensure smooth pedaling, which will keep your workouts smooth and simple, without wobbling or instability. By using a strong weighted flywheel you won’t feel any shaking of the frame when using this bike, even after long term use of daily workouts. You’ll have a steady and smooth workout that will allow you to exercise with peace of mind.

Not only will you be able to achieve a standard workout with the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike, but you’ll also get enough additional features when it comes to the amount of resistance levels.

Because of the durable resistance flywheel, you’ll be able to always quickly change the level at which you’d like to spin at for your own comfort. You don’t have to worry about wasting an hour on this spin bike without any results, you’ll be able to tone, fit in your cardio, and work your core muscles with the additional resistance levels.

Overall, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is our top choice for those who want something a little bit more cutting edge.

Key Features

  • Rated as an Amazon’s Choice product.
  • Uses a strong chain drive mechanism for smooth pedaling.
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars to maximize comfort.
  • Added resistance levels.
  • Uses a flywheel to help with stability when using the bike.

The Spinner Sprint Premium Indoor Cycle is one the best commercial grade pieces of equipment on the market as of 2017. The construction of this specific spin bike is one of the best because of its durability and how long it can last after daily use at home.  

In addition to the low maintenance required to care for this piece of equipment, it also comes with a leather top-down brake pad which will help extend the lifespan even longer for this spin bike. The leather top-down brake pad will also make sure that no matter what, you will always have reliable brakes in case of emergencies.

The Spinner Sprint Premium Indoor Cycle has a small unique detail that will really help increase the natural flow of your workout routine. The stable fixed handlebar has been angled five degrees from the standard position for better comfort and ergonomics. This is not usually included in other spin bike models.

You’ll find straight away that this small difference will allow you to use the bike for longer periods of time and constant use daily without as many aches and pains from leaning forward. These handlebars are the closest to an actual sport bike, so you’ll feel right at home when you start working out with this spin bike.

Key Features

  • Made for long term use with commercial grade construction.
  • 43 LBS signature weighted flywheel for smooth pedaling.
  • Can simulate the same resistance as a road bike.
  • Leather brake pad for better braking and long term use.
  • Angled handlebar for better ergonomics.
  • Includes 4 Spinning DVDs.

The L NOW Professional Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the leading designs when it comes to comfort and practicality.

The L NOW Professional Indoor Cycling Bike offers a wide variety of key features we’d like to walk you through step by step. First, one of the most important features would be the no maintenance guarantee.

With most older models of spin bikes, you have to constantly repair the chain or oil it so it continues to work smoothly. With the belt drive system of this unit, you’ll find that you never have to maintain the equipment and it will always offer a smooth ride, as well as a quiet workout.

You’re probably asking yourself where the LCD screen is, because it does have one. It’s located in the middle of the handlebars, it’s very small compared to other models, but it is very efficient because it stays true to the sleek design. 

This spin bike is known for the highest weight limit or max capacity on the market, topping off at 500 lbs. Which just goes to show how durable this equipment is for daily use.  

The fact that just about anyone will be able to use this bike is an added bonus, since many spin bikes max out at around 250 lbs.

Key Features

  • Uses a belt drive system instead of a chain for a more quiet workout.
  • Doesn’t need repairs or oiling.
  • Easily can switch between high intensity and normal exercises.
  • A small and compact display that tracks your progress.
  • Has the highest weight limit of 500 LBS.
  • Can track your pulse.

The Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike is the highest quality spin bike and the most design forward out of all the spin bikes on the market at this time.

This indoor spin bike has a special 6-magnet brake system, so you will always be putting your safety first when using this unit. Because of the special magnet brakes, you’re guaranteed to be able to rely on this braking system for many years to come with repeated use.

The Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike not only has a fantastic modern design that will tastefully stand out in any home gym environment, it also has double link pedals for lightweight performance use.

When you’re thinking about purchasing a new piece of gym equipment, it’s essential that the unit is lightweight and easy to use so you’ll be able to start and stop your workouts whenever you’d like.

You’ll also be receiving a product that allows you to cycle through 12 different degrees of incline for multiple comfort levels so that you’re always getting the best workout you can possibly get.

You’ll be able to push yourself harder than ever with the mobility these resistance levels offer to you and your workout session.

By purchasing this bike, you’ll be getting a state of the art piece of equipment that will improve your health and motivate you to upgrade your lifestyle for the better.

Key Features

  • 6- Magnet brake system for smooth and easy control for when you need to stop immediately.
  • The brake system is guaranteed to not wear down over time.
  • Double link pedals for lightweight performance.
  • 12 degree incline for multiple comfort levels.
  • Rust free performance.

How To Buy A Spin Bike

Spin bikes are one of the most ideal ways to create your own custom cardio workout. They are a prime example of how a simple and small piece of equipment can make a massive difference in any workout. 

Old, young, professional, new, low intensity, or high intensity, anyone can find what makes them the most motivated to workout by using a spin bike. With the ease of the transportation wheels on these spin bikes, you can even workout while watching TV. Create your gym anywhere in your home.

When you’re thinking of purchasing a spin bike, there are a few other elements to consider before diving into your new life of fitness. We’ve broken them down for you to review, and before you know it, you’ll be having that revitalizing workout on the patio!


Comfort is key when buying any new exercise equipment, but it’s extremely important when it comes to spin bikes.  It’s no different than an actual bike, other than its added benefits and its stationary set up.

By purchasing a spin bike that is comfortable for long term use and fits your height and weight, you’ll be good to go! If you settle for a spin bike that is uncomfortable, it’s very likely that you will no longer use it and it will be a total waste of your money and time.

Because you’re most likely going to buy a spin bike online, it’s not easy to just try out a piece of equipment and see if it works for you. Which is why it's essential that you know exactly what to look for in your potential purchase. 

Such as adjustable handlebars and seats, the weight limit, the type of seat that comes with the bike, and how easily it can be stored in your gym. Being able to store your bike quickly and efficiently will give you more comfort in your gym space, allowing you to easily work out in more space.

Resistance Levels

When you feel like you’re ready to purchase a spin bike of your own, you should always make sure that the bike can do exactly what you want it to. 

By making sure your bike comes with multiple resistance levels, you’ll be able to ensure that you’ll have a variety of challenges to work towards in your daily cardio workout. You’ll have control over how intense you want the workout to be as well, making sure that you’re comfortable and achieving your fitness goals.

While most spin bikes do not come with pre-programmed workouts, you can almost always find a high rated spin bike with multiple levels of resistance. You will be able to gradually increase the resistance level for more of an intense session on the spin bike, that’s always something that will be beneficial when using a piece of equipment for long term use.


Most spin bikes are almost always guaranteed to be weighed and sturdy so they don’t wobble when used over long periods of time.  Making sure that the bike has a sturdy floor frame is key to being positive about the stability of the cycling bike.

Stability comes into play when talking about spin bikes because of how they are built on such a narrow frame to resemble an actual bike. If you settle for a spin bike that isn’t high rated and doesn’t have guaranteed stability, you will quickly realize that every time you use the bike, it sways from side to side. This can greatly affect the long term use of the bike, while also endangering your health as well.

Our Final Review of the Top Rated Spin Bikes

Spin bikes are known as the exercise equipment everyone is too anxious to try at the public gym, but by making the choice to purchase one for yourself at home, you’ll find your comfort. They are perfect for anyone looking to mix cardio with building muscle and tone.  

You’ll notice right away just how diverse this piece of equipment can be. The variety of low impact and high intensity workouts make it great for anyone to enjoy and it will help you push yourself towards better health and fitness as well.

If you’re looking for a way to introduce a high performance workout routine into your daily life within the ease and comfort of your own home, a spin bike will help you achieve that dream.

Don’t ever settle for a piece of equipment that you spend hundreds of dollars on, for it to sit in your home gym and collect dust. Make sure you look at all the fine print and details no matter which spin bike you choose for your home.

It’s so important that you end up with a spin bike that fits your lifestyle needs while also offers a decent amount of added bonuses to motivate you and encourage growth within your cardio sessions.

Each of the spin bikes have their benefits, they all differ from each other, but there is one out there for every type of cyclist, new or professional.  After reading through our guide you should have quite the handle on what you’re looking for specially. You should be able to make a choice that will change the rest of your life.

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