Top 9 Best Triceps Exercises for Muscle Growth

If you want to get that fully developed and ripped arms, you are reading the best article! Here are the best exercises for triceps to get that killer arms you’ve always wanted!

Triceps make up two-thirds of the muscle in the arms, and that is a significant amount of number. It is the muscle that is responsible for the extension of the elbow joints. Hence, stronger triceps will also result to more impressive bench lifts.


I am stoked to share this exercises that I’ve used to develop my triceps! I am certain you would get addicted to exercise number 9.My triceps training regimen consists of 3 parts.

  1. The one-arm warm ups to get the triceps all fired up and ready for the work.
  2. The free weight exercises, which are the most challenging and requires most control and energy.
  3. The body weight exercises.

The reason why I do this is that free weights require more stability and balance to perform, and it would be dangerous if my triceps are tired.

However, body weight exercises are pretty safe even if performed when your triceps are quite tired.So without further ado, let’s get on with the exercises!

​But before that, let us get something straight: you can't achieve your workout goals, without the right equipment. So, before doing any of the exercises, I’m going to show you, ensure that you have the right adjustable dumbbells with the following features.

  • Safety features – Ensure it has a mechanism that locks the plates in place.
  • Space-friendly – It should either be small or have space-friendly features such as a stand.

9 Best Triceps Exercises

1.One-hand Triceps Extensions

One-hand Triceps Extensions are always the first part of my triceps workout. One-hand triceps extensions are perfect for warm-ups! It gets your elbow joints all ready for the heavy lifting that it would endure throughout the duration of the workout.

I usually start light and progress the weight as my triceps get ready for the beating that is to come.

2.One-arm Overhead Cable Extensions

Isolation exercises are always best performed using cables. Cables provide a more constant level of resistance when compared to free weights. The resistance of the free weights varies depending on the angle which it is on.

Cables also lessen the stress on the elbow joints and focus more on the triceps.To do this exercise, grab the cables without any attachment to it. Keep your posture straight and turn back from the machine.

Push the cables forward using your triceps until it is fully contracted, but do not let the elbow lockout fully to keep the tension on the triceps as much as possible and then lower it down until you feel a good stretch.Don’t allow your elbow to flare out.

3.Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extensions

Seated overhead dumbbell extension is the next exercise I usually prefer doing as it requires lots of strength and energy. This is where the real work begins. The first two exercises were basically warm-ups.

The resistance should be in the palms of your hands with your thumbs around it. Stability is important with this workout. Do not push yourself too hard in this part as it is only the beginning of the training regimen.

Use a weight that is perfect for your goals, whether it is strength or hypertrophy.The important part to be aware of here are your elbows. If your elbows are flaring out, you are doing it wrong.

4.One-Hand Triceps Dumbbell Kickback

One-hand Triceps Dumbbell Kickbacks are great for targeting the triceps. Choose the proper weight that is not too heavy for you. This exercise requires lots of control.

One quick pointer, your arm must always be parallel to the ground before kicking back the dumbbells.

5.Throat Crushers

Throat Crusher is arguably the best exercises for triceps development. If you tried this, you’d know the feel of its stretch and contraction and how much it engages the triceps fully.

The throat crusher looks just like how skull crusher is done. The difference lies in the level of difficulty and the angle of the arms.In this exercise, pristine form and proper weight must be observed.

Or else, as the name suggests, your throat is going to be crushed.To perform this, lie down on a bench. Your starting arm position should not be 90 degrees.

It should be around 120 degrees or somewhere around that depending on the length of your arms. Then lower it until it almost touches your throat then raise it back up to starting position.

Do not lock your elbows out here to keep the tension in the triceps and maximize the efficiency of the workout.

6.French Press

The French Press is just like an overhead dumbbell extension but uses an EZ curl bar. A straight bar would be fine as well, but an EZ curl bar would give you a much better wrist angle, and it would feel more natural.

To perform this, sit on a chair with back support, push the EZ curl bar overhead, lower the bar behind you and feel the stretch in the triceps, then push it back up until maximum contraction but do not lock the elbows out.

7.Reverse Grip Skull Crushers

This is the last part of the free weight exercises I personally do. Reverse grip skulls crushers are an excellent variation of triceps training regimen because it feels like you are doing more of a pull exercise, but you’re not.

This exercise, in my opinion, is much better than the skull crushers in targeting the triceps because you do not involve as much of the chest to cheat your way out of a repetition.

To perform this, lie down on a bench, grab the EZ curl bar, palms facing up, bring the bar right to your forehead before extending it up again, but do not lock your elbows out.

8.Diamond Push-ups

The diamond push up is the most common bodyweight exercise for specifically targeting the triceps.

To perform, go to push up position, then put your hands in a diamond position, keep your core nice and straight like a plank, come down, then push up.

9.Tricep Extension Push ups

Tricep Extension Push Ups are my personal favorite! This is perfect for ending the triceps routine. This is something that quite difficult to perform. If you are not advanced in your training level, you should do this at the beginning of your workouts.

To perform this, you should get into a push-up position, shoulder width apart, palms facing down, then you are going to bring your elbows to the floor so that the forearms are touching the floor, then use elbow extension to bring yourself to the first position.

This exercise is really tough, especially if you are going to do it as the last part of your triceps training regimen. But if your physical condition is at elite levels, you can add more weight by using a weighted bag, or you can just put plates on your back.

These are the best triceps exercises out there that I’ve personally used to build my triceps!

One quick tip when building triceps is that you should always not lock your elbows out fully when training triceps to keep the tension on the triceps, because when you lockout, your triceps would be able to rest because the load would be handled by the elbows temporarily.

I want to thank you for reading this article. I hope you’ve learned a lot through it and got tremendous amounts of value just like I did. This would build your triceps up fully and strengthen your bench lifts!

If you have friends who would need to know about this information, please feel free to share! Also, don’t be a stranger and comment your thoughts down below. I’d love to interact with you and maybe we can learn some more from each other.

​Stay tuned for more fitness advice and tips! If you are not sure how to perform the exercises, I’ve prepared some links for you! Happy lifting!

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