Easy Exercises to Shape Your Body

No time to exercise? No problem! This simple exercise can provide huge difference by simple efforts and little time.

How to Prepare Before Performing These Exercise

Before you start working out, it is vital to warm up and stretch properly so as to maximize the benefits. Doing this will not only prepare you physically and mentally but also prevent you from getting injured and increase the fat burning process while performing these exercises.

Each of these three exercises is easy and will only require 20 of your time.

  • Jumping Jack – Stand straight with your feet close together with your arms rested on your sides and your knees slightly bent. Jump as you widen your legs to your sides and raising your arms over your head and landing on your forefeet continuously for approximately, 20 seconds.
  • Jump rope – Before jumping rope, wear comfortable shoes with enough padding. Also, ensure that your rope is of the right length. You can then jump your rope for approximately 20-30 seconds. Find more tips here 

Make a Move

To keep you motivated, we have created an easy and effective routine. The exercises are a mix of Pilates, ballet and yoga that strengthen and shape all the muscles, which can lead to a leaner waist, better body posture and improved flexibility.In a week try these moves for three days.

Piques (Side Lying):

Step 1

This ballet move for beginner will help to tone and slim your complete backside.To start, with your knees, inner thighs and ankles stacked on top of each other lie on your left side. Rest your head on your left hand palm, and out right arm and hand on your chest. Shift both legs forward to form a 45-degree angle and keep them facing front.

Step 2

Still bent, Lift up your right leg, about width of your hip to a 45-50 degree angle, and then make it straight, toes to be pointed.

Step 3

Lower the legs touch your toes on the floor. Bend your leg and return to your starting position. Do 10 reps; switch the sides and 10 repeats.

Pretzel Hip Lifts

Get your legs stronger with this easy exercise.Sit straight on the floor and bend left leg in front of your body, while folding your right leg behind you.Try to get your right knee straight with your right hip.

Lean left and lifts yourself up on your left forearm (elbow straight beneath shoulder), keep your head, shoulders and hips in line. Rest your right hand on your right hip with the elbow pointing upward.Now, slowly lift your back leg until its parallel to the floor. Hold for a breath, then slowly lower leg on floor. Repeat 10 times for each side.

Abdominal Curls:

Step 1

This crunch narrows your waist and strengthens it, to offer you many benefits!Lie on your back and bend your knees perpendicular. Let your arms on your side, little rounded, with your palms facing your body. Inhale, then exhale and lift your head, neck and upper shoulders off the floor (look downwards), and raise your arms up to hips.

Step 2

Inhale and raise your arms overhead by your head, exhale and make your arms out in a circular motion, back to level of hips. Keep your head raised the whole time, repeat 12 times.

Cobra Pulse:

Step 1

This is snake-like exercise tone your arms and develops muscle!Lay with your face down; hold your face little above the floor, with your abdominals tight. Bend your arms by your side, so your palms are aligned with your head and your fingers are spread.Inhale and strongly press your palms and forearms on the floor as you lift up your chest and roll your shoulders backwards. Keep your glutes tight and the toes on the floor.

Step 2

Continue to lift your chest until your arms are aligned and your head is slightly tilted, so you are looking at the ceiling. Slowly come down to your initial position, and then lift back up. Repeat this eight times. Exhale and lower yourself back down, holding your face slightly above the floor. Repeat three sets.

​Cobra pulse is one of the lightest exercises that will help you tone your arms. It, however, might be slow if you are too hasty to see results.

If you want a way to tone up your arms and develop muscle much faster, I would recommend that you combine the workout with a variety of triceps exercises such as throat crushers, French press, diamond push-ups and more. Click on this link  to learn more.

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