Should I Do Crossfit? An Exciting Guide to Crossfit

Should I cross fit? How long should I train? What should I expect? These are some of the questions I get from some of the athletes that I have across.

CrossFit in simple terms is a sport that aims at keeping you fit it all times. It challenges your mental and physical strength through conditioning at various times and stages.

CrossFit seems to be quite popular these days. It was never this popular some couple of years back, and it seems there is no stopping it anytime soon.This is evident in the rapid increase of the spectators from 150 in the 2007 CrossFit games to 8000 spectators in 2011.


Surprising yeah? That shows CrossFit is becoming acceptable by a lot of people.Before making your decision on CrossFit, I want to show you a few tips that I believe will help you before starting.

Different Boxes

In CrossFit, boxes are used to describe where we do our workout. It is synonymous with gym, and it is the holy place of cross fitters.

I will advise you to try out different boxes before committing your time and money to one, a box being comfortable does not translate to it being good.You should look out for the box that you can keep going back to and flows with your rhythm.

Ensure you see the workout structure and plan of any box that tickles your fancy.Also, the atmosphere of the box and the cross fitters in it is important.

Watch out carefully for this as it is essential to your duration of stay in the box and the impact you get.


When I decided to be a cross fitter, I did a lot of research, and that involves talking to a few people. Some of them are of the opinion that cross fitters are individuals who have failed in athletics and bodybuilding.

The personal trainers are perceived as fake. This gives you an idea of what the average Joe thinks of cross fitters. I was never discouraged by such stereotypical talks but wanted to see things for myself.

And that was how my story as a cross fitter began and I had not looked back ever since then.I never expected much but also never expected less.


Confidence is very vital if you want to go into CrossFit. This is because the first few workouts of the day can be very intensifying and you might have the temptation to give up.

I have to tell you that this feeling is normal, and it is as a result of the pains felt at every part of your body.With confidence and self-assurance, it’s just a matter of time and you will get pass that urge and CrossFit will be something you look forward to each day like me.


You have to keep your ego in check when you are in the box. Your past achievements do not matter as there are lots of great athletes who are unknown to you in the box.A beginner’s mindset is the key as CrossFit requires all aspect of athleticism.


As a newbie in CrossFit, you shouldn’t start CrossFit going too hard or too fast because you want to keep the same pace with other old timers as this can be quite dangerous. It is important you take things slowly without trying to impress anyone.


If you must succeed as a cross fitter, you must be diligent in training and workout plans as required. This is a required attribute because as they say, a drop of water makes a mighty ocean.

Staying diligent means you are focused on a goal and must achieve that goal no matter the distraction or side attractions. It may not be easy adjusting yourself to a new lifestyle but with the right mindset, you can achieve your desired goal.

So If you will commit to training epileptically, CrossFit is not for you.

Duration of Training

CrossFit is a lifestyle that once you get used to it, your day will never be complete. In other words, it can be addictive when started, so your duration of training is not scalable.

Everything depends on the results you want to achieve at a stipulated time. Overtraining is never a good idea because the body will need all the time it can get to fully recover after a workout session.

Three days on and a day off are the recommended schedule to achieve this aim. Personally, I take Wednesdays and Saturday of each work off for full recovery and rest.

Last Tip

Outdoor runs can be sweaty and exhausting making it harder for you to do other exercises. If you are truly into cross-fit, I would suggest that you invest on a treadmill to save time. Just ensure it fits your space, has a stronger horsepower and motor.

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CrossFit is great as it is not scalable so you can do always do the one you can. When I first started I struggled with bodyweight pull-up, I was told to try ring rows or use bands.

This is what CrossFit’s movement is all about; everything goes at your pace.One great thing about CrossFit is in as much as you are going at your pace, you will feel encouraged to compete with others.

After reading all this, I guess you now see that the question should you CrossFit lies with you.Don’t be afraid to drop a comment if you have any contribution to make or question to ask.

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