What Muscles Do Deadlifts Work?

Deadlifts are primarily meant to strengthen and stabilize your body. The exercises aim to reduce your risk of getting injured, especially on your lower back. But how important is it to know what particular muscles do deadlifts work? Let’s find out.

Deadlifts are a mixture of exercises that aim to activate your muscles on the lower back, glutes, quads, hamstrings, traps, and forearms. Overall, they boost your strength.


If you are inclined to lifting heavy objects, I suggest you consider including deadlift exercises in your regimen. And if posture has been a problem for you, try doing the deadlifts to help you develop the habit of holding your back straight.

Since the exercises target all of your major muscle groups, deadlifts make them work hard. Thus, helping you establish core stability.

What Muscles Do Deadlifts Work

A deadlift particularly works on these muscle groups:

  • Back muscles. Deadlifts are largely called a back exercise. The exercises force your lower back to work hard, making it stronger and bigger in the process. And the strength that your erector spinae (lower back muscles) develop, consequently prevent you from getting injured easily.
  • Arm muscles. Every time you lift the barbell, your grip becomes strong and firm. Your forearms, too, receive an intensive workout. The deadlifting exercises even drive your arm muscles to contract as you bring the bar up.
  • Gluteus muscles. The deadlift develops your gluteus muscles, making them strong and round. Your pelvic/hip muscles are also worked out in the process. As you stand up during the exercise, your maximus muscle causes your hip to extend and the top of your pelvic bone to move back.
  • Leg muscles. Your leg muscles get stronger and firmer during the deadlift exercises. Likewise, your knee joint is strengthened as you push yourself up during the deadlift.
  • Shoulder muscles. Of course, your shoulder muscles are worked out in the deadlift exercises. You will notice your shoulders a bit pulled back and your trapezius muscle tremendously developed as soon as you have completed the deadlift workout.

How Important is The Deadlift?

As I have mentioned earlier, deadlifting offers tremendous benefits. I know many enthusiasts would argue that squat is still the king of exercises. But based on my personal experience, I can attest that it’s deadlift that gives me the exceptional mass I’m enjoying now.

Deadlift worked more muscles in me compared with other workout program did. I also noticed that it helped stabilize my body and improved my overall stability. Because of these, I confidently say that, if done properly, the deadlift is the best way to add slabs of muscles to your upper and lower body.

In addition, the deadlift is applicable to our daily routine. Isn’t carrying or lifting objects part of our life? How would you perform your chores if your hands and fingers cannot grip firmly?

And if you have a weak lower back, you might just end up injured if you force yourself into lifting and transporting objects from one place to another. Conversely, when you make deadlift a part of your routine, you will realize that lifting even heavy objects becomes easy and safe. An author even listed at least ten benefits of deadlifts.

Aside from physical fitness, deadlifting also improves your cardiovascular well-being. When you do high-intensity deadlifts, you let your cardiorespiratory system to actively work out and get enough supply of oxygen.

Deadlifting also stabilizes your entire back and the muscles around it. Thus, it is also ideal for people who have rehabilitation condition.

Minimum Equipment Requirement

Deadlifts do not require much equipment. You only need to have a barbell, the weight of which depends on how intense you would want to go.

Some trainers would suggest that you use wrist straps. But I don’t usually recommend it. You will do well without it. In other words, deadlift does not demand that you spend more money on the exercise. All it asks of you is your willingness to perform the activity and your commitment to achieving a more enviable physique.

The Proper Way to Perform Deadlift

Sadly, I have seen some clients performing the deadlift the wrong way. And so, I want you to watch the following video on how to do the physical exercise properly. The step-by-step procedure is easy to follow.

Additional Tip

There is a lot you can achieve with a deadlift, but not flexibility and endurance. If you want to use deadlift to achieve a fitter body, ensure you include light cross-fit exercises. To learn what cross fit is and how to perform it, click on this link  .

Now that I have pointed out the muscles that deadlifts work, I expect that you give it some considerations if you have not done so yet. I can assure you deadlifts are the best workout that you can take advantage of.

Since it involves working out your major muscle groups, deadlifts are the best program that gives you more strength. And most importantly, deadlifts offer you real life applications.Should you need further information regarding deadlifts, please feel free to contact us. We would gladly assist you.

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