Cottage Cheese Before Bed to Build Muscle (The Answer May Surprise You)

Many nutritionists will argue that having cottage cheese before bed is probably one of the best things you should do before going to sleep, and the reason being that it is rich in casein protein which is broken down and released slowly into the body.

With a gradual release of casein protein into the body, you will get a steady supply of amino acids, needed to nourish and repair your body tissues. Despite this benefit, many individuals are worried that the slow digestion of cottage cheese may cause some forms of discomfort including, excessive gassing.


How to Prepare Your Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese can be described as a fresh and loose cheese curd that comes with a sweet but mild taste. Unlike some other forms of cheese, cottage cheese is not pressed, colored or aged.

Therefore it retains most of its natural and nutritious contents. There are different types of cottage cheese, and the main difference is the amount of fat. You may also differentiate cottage cheese based on whether they come in small or large curd preparations.

The regular varieties of cottage cheese may have a high amount of fats, but that does not mean you wouldn’t find non-fat and low-fat cottage cheese.

You can either buy a commercial cottage cheese from the supermarket or prepare yours at home. In order to prepare an ideal homemade cottage cheese, you need the right amounts of milk, vinegar, salt, and heavy cream.

You can enjoy your cottage cheese alone or with toppings such as berries, cereals, nuts and peach.

What Are The Main Nutrients in Cottage Cheese?

A cup of cottage cheese is believed to contain 28 grams or roughly 56% of the needed daily intake of protein. Casein protein is the main protein found here, and it also contains a substantial amount of Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, Calcium, and Phosphorous. Make sure the commercial cottage cheese you choose has low sodium.

Why Is It Good to Eat Cottage Cheese Before Bed?

Eating cottage cheese before bedtime is believed to help induce weight loss. First of all, it helps you feel full faster, therefore you consume much less, likewise, the abundance of Casein protein can help reduce your appetite. The body takes a while to digest casein protein, therefore it keeps hunger prangs away.

Cottage cheese is also believed to be loaded with loads of minerals such as magnesium – a mineral substance that promotes healthy biochemical reactions in the human system.

Magnesium ions help in regulating blood pressure, and they can help reduce the risks of developing stroke diseases. Cottage cheese has also been linked to many cardiovascular health benefits.

Does Cottage Cheese Help to Cure Sleep Apnea?

The huge presence of Amino acids in Cottage cheese helps in inducing sleep. The Amino acid – Tryptophan, is found in huge amount in cottage cheese, it is known to induce sound sleep, and can reduce the risks of developing depression, anxiety disorders, and insomnia.

Cottage cheese is also believed to be rich in essential Vitamins such as Vitamins D which alongside Calcium minerals can help reduce the risks of developing certain forms of cancer. Calcium, in particular is good for pre-menopausal women who suffer from low Calcium disorders.

Any Health Concerns About The Consumption of Cottage Cheese?

Unfortunately, there are some health concerns on eating cottage cheese before bed. Cottage cheese is known to contain high amounts of Sodium and cholesterol.

Commercial cottage cheese, in particular, contains higher sodium levels, that might pose a danger to the heart and kidneys. It is important to consume Sodium in low amount in order to avoid high blood pressure.

Another Benefit From Eating Cottage Cheese Before Going to Bed?

Cottage cheese is known to contain natural elements that can help promote muscle growth and healing while you sleep. Cottage cheese promotes muscle growth in two ways; first, through high protein contents and low carb contents that trigger an increase in growth hormones.

Secondly, it offers rich Calcium content that stimulates testosterone hormones, a situation that causes a significant yield in more muscle mass. When your muscle mass increases, you burn calories at a faster rate (muscle tissues use more calories than fat during workouts. Therefore you lose body weight faster).

Apparently, cottage cheese contains large amounts of cholesterol that might be harmful to your body if you don’t exercise. But it is also one of the best foods you need to stay healthy. If you want to continue taking your cottage cheese before bed, it is vital that you work out your body.

You can spare some fifteen minutes every day to perform some of the lightest exercises such as squats, chest press and more. Follow this link for more tips


Considering the numerous benefits and low side effects of consuming cottage cheese, it will be a great idea to incorporate the special food in your diet on a constant basis. The main concern here is the presence of sodium, and high cholesterol, but if you can take your time to search for commercial cottage cheese low in these two components, or prepare your own low-sodium and low-fat cottage cheese, then there is nothing to worry about. Cottage cheese is both delicious and nutritive, the main reasons why you cannot ignore it.

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