Best Recumbent Bikes in 2018 – Read THIS Review Before Buying!

best recumbent bike

Recumbent bikes are indoor stationary bikes. Basically they’re bikes you can sit on. They take weight off your back, all while providing an intense cardio workout. The best recumbent bikes have a low-impact design, perfect for anyone looking to exercise without putting much strain on your hips, back, and legs.

Recumbent bikes are commonly seen at gyms, but you can get one for your home gym for at an affordable price. Use of a recumbent bike can be used as a warm-up exercise, or as a full, solid workout.

When you have a recumbent bike in your home, you’re more likely to have the motivation to actually use the bike. You can watch TV, read, and listen to your own music as loud as you want... all getting a workout in. 

Anyone looking for a full body cardio exercise could benefit from use of a recumbent bike. The workout tones your legs and hips, and provides a great deal of cardio. Those with back and leg problems can greatly benefit from a recumbent bike, as it offers cardio without the strain most cardio exercises require.

Top 5 Recumbent Bikes on the Market


Levels of Resistance

Programmed Workouts

​Our Rating


Diamondback 510SR Recumbent Bike



Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike



ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike



Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike



NordicTrack VR25 Recumbent Bike



5 Best Recumbent Bikes in 2018

The DiamondBack 510SR is a well-designed, technologically advanced recumbent bike. It is comfortable, easy to use, and has features everyone could benefit from. The 510SR is one of the most highly praised recumbent bikes available, and it’s for good reasoning.

The DiamondBack features 20 pre-programmed workouts, along with 16 Eddy Current Brake (ECB) resistance levels. The handlebars are a heartrate monitor. This recumbent fitness bike allows you to get an intense, low-impact cardio workout. Using this bike allows you to monitor your own fitness progress.

One of the most impressive features the DiamondBack 510SR has is the amount of pre-programmed workouts on the bike.

Some recumbent bikes twice the price do not feature even half of the many pre-programmed workouts the 510SR has.

Some of the programs installed include hill climbing, fat burning, strength building, targeted heart rate workouts, and interval workouts. This bike can be used by anyone, regardless of current physical fitness level.

The DiamondBack recumbent bike design is incredibly high quality. It has a steel frame and weighs around 125 pounds. The bike is sturdy, and will stay put. It can be safely used by anyone up to 300 pounds.

You will always be comfortable using the 510SR. It comes equipped for ergonomic pedals and an adjustable seat. Using a recumbent bike is significantly more comfortable than a regular bike, as you never have to lean forward uncomfortably far.

The DiamondBack 510SR recumbent bike is a reasonably priced piece of equipment. It is $899. This price may be high for novice bikers, but experienced bikers know that the features offered for this price make it a great deal. This bike features the comfort, technology, and sturdiness you look for in a recumbent bike.

Key Features

  • 16 levels of ECB resistance
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Auxiliary input for MP3 device
  • Magazine rack
  • Water bottle holder
  • User can be up to 300 pounds
  • 20 pre-programmed workout programs
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Two-Speed Cooling fan
  • Transport wheels

The Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is one of the best fitness bikes available today. It is suitable for all people, regardless of their physical fitness level. Those just beginning their fitness journey will appreciate the 270 bike just as much as one who’s been using recumbent bikes for years.

This exercise bike features 25 levels of resistance, ensuring a wide range of workout intensities. The console features 29 pre-programmed workouts. These workouts vary in difficulty. Some stimulate fun, easy workouts and some stimulate strenuous rides, such as uphill rides.

Many users opt for challenging workouts that raise their heartbeat. There are even nine pre-programmed heart rate workouts on the console. There are workouts suitable for all fitness levels, making the Schwinn 270 uncomparable.

The 270 recumbent bike allows you to download your exercise data. This allows you to track your performance from each workout. This feature is really unique to the Schwinn 270, and is something you will love. It makes it so much easier to track your progress. Exercise data includes speed, time, distance, heart rate, calories burned, and more.

This bike is also highly technologically advanced. There are in-console speakers with auxiliary ports for your MP3 player. You can also do a data transfer to Schwinn Connect or MyFitnessPal via Bluetooth and USB. There is also a media shelf, perfect for providing an enjoyable exercise experience.

Keep in mind, assembling the Schwinn 270 is going to be a bit of a task. There are simple, step-by-step instructions that are included with the 270 recumbent bike, but the task itself takes a long time. There are a lot of little pieces, which take a great deal of attention to put together. All together, you should put aside 1-3 hours to assemble the bike.

For all of the features that the Schwinn 270 has to offer, the price is unbeatable compared to other recumbent bikes. It is only $499, and many bikes as versatile as the Schwinn cost two to three times more than this. For $499, you are getting a sturdy, reliable recumbent bike that will last you for years.

Key Features

  • 29 pre-programmed workouts
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Bluetooth and USB data transfer functionality
  • Three speed cooling fan
  • Transport wheels
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • In-console speakers with MP3 auxiliary port
  • Water bottle holder
  • Users can weigh up to 300 pounds

The ProForm 440 ES is a high quality recumbent bike. It has a good amount of features, is durable, and versatility. People of all fitness backgrounds will enjoy the benefits of this recumbent bike.

The Proform has 25 levels of digital resistance, providing a smooth transition between intensities. The foot pedals are extra wide. It features a comfortable, oversized seat. There is extra lumbar support, ensuring your back won’t begin to ache during the workout. Built-in dual grip heart rate monitors make tracking your heart rate easy. You can also track your heart rate with a separate wireless chest strap.

The console on the ProForm is what really sets it apart from other recumbent bikes. There are 32 built-in workouts, designed by certified professional trainers. The workouts are set to automatically set the resistance for each workout.

The bike is compatible with iFit compatible, which allows you to bike all over the world with Google Maps. You can also connect your phone, tablet, or MP3 player to the console to have access to music while working out. There is a convenient tablet holder, keeping your tablet safe and secure during the workout.

The 440 ES recumbent exercise bike has other unique, useful features as well. The bike’s leveling can be adjusted, keeping the bike safe and sturdy on uneven floors. There is a water bottle holder. A two-speed workout fan will keep you cool while working out on the bike. These are just some of the features that really set the Proform apart from other exercise bikes.

Assembling the ProForm is simple. However, the parts can be very heavy, so it may be easier if assembled with a partner. Most of the bike comes preassembled, you are simply connecting the pieces together. There are highly detailed instructions included with the bike, so anyone could essentially put it together. Most people are able to assemble the Proform in an hour or less. Transport wheels are included, making moving the bike quick and easy.

The ProForm recumbent bike is reasonably priced, at $600. This price includes a wide variety of features and a great deal of quality. It is a bike that will last for years. In fact, the manufacturers include a lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • 18 pound effective flywheel, ensuring a smooth, steady, pedal stroke
  • Built-in dual grip heart rate sensors
  • Extra wide ergonomic foot pedals with straps designed to keep feet in place, increase your stability, and keep you comfortable
  • Two-speed workout fan
  • Transport wheels
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • Oversize seating designed for adding comfortable. The seat is adjustable, allowing everyone to find their perfect fit
  • Tablet holder included
  • Water bottle holder

The Exerpeutic 4000 is a low priced high quality exercise bike. The features offered by Exerpeutic are similar to those you would find in a top of the line model. The bike can fit anyone up to 325 pounds, making it easy for many different body types to use the machine. The oversized “Air Soft” seat provides ultimate comfort.

The Exerpeutic 4000 has 24 magnetic resistance levels. There are 12 pre-programmed workouts, making it easy to get a fun and challenging workout. There are 7 different training modules included, making it easy for anyone, regardless of experience level, to get the most out of their recumbent bike.

The Exerpeutic features a handlebar heart rate monitor. Monitoring your heart rate is a great way to know how effective your cardio workout is, so it’s great that this feature is included.

One unique feature that the Exerpeutic offers is their bluetooth enabled mobile tracking with the Exerpeutic app. This allows you to download workout data, which helps you track your performance from workout to workout. There are expensive, high end options that don’t have this feature, which is why it’s so great that this bike can offer it.

Anyone is capable of assembling the Exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent bike. Exerpeutic provides an easy to follow instruction manual, and there aren’t too many difficult steps to follow. It should only take you one to two hours to completely assemble the Exerpeutic. Transport wheels are including, making it easy to move the bike around once it is assembled.

There are other unique features that the Exerpeutic 4000 offers. The design of the bike is unlike any others. The pedals and seat are very large, and the seat itself looks like an office chair. Many users find this bike to be very comfortable due to this. The bike also has a water bottle holder, which can definitely come in handy when completing intense workouts.

The Exerpeutic 4000 is extremely affordable, at only $399. It is the most affordable bike we are reviewing today. The features offered with this bike really make it a bargain. This bike is most suitable for novice recumbent bikers, but can virtually be used by anyone of any skill level. The weight limit on this bike is higher than on other bikes, making it a great choice for those on the larger side.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth enabled mobile app tracking
  • 24 magnetic resistance levels
  • Large pedal and seat design
  • Adjustable latch to secure mobile phones and tablets
  • Transport wheels
  • Precision balanced flywheel and V belt drive
  • 12 programmed workouts
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Office style chair
  • Water bottle holder
  • 325 pound weight capacity

5. NordicTrack Commercial VR25 Recumbent Bike

The Commercial VR25 is one of the best recumbent bike’s available on the market. This bike is leading in comfort, adjustability, entertainment, and technology. The name may say commercial, but this bike is perfect for in-home use as well.

The NordicTrack design is like no other. This bike is designed for low-impact training, and is very kind on your muscles and joints. This bike keeps your feet in front of you, not under you, taking weight and pressure off of your lower body.

The pedals are extra wide and adjustable. The seat is large and mesh-ventilated, with added lumbar support. Handgrips on the side of the bike add extra stability. Those who are not in the best physical health would safely be able to use this machine (as long as the Doctor says so).

The VR25 features 26 different resistance levels. This allows you a large array of intensity levels, so you can set it to the level perfect for you. There are 35 built-in workouts, designed by certified professional trainers. If you have an iFit Coach subscription, you have access to unlimited workouts by certified professional trainers.

There is intensity training, calorie burning exercises, performance training, you name it. Since there are different workouts for different skill levels, you can be sure you will never be bored using the NordicTrack VR25.

The entertainment console featured on the VR25 is like no other. A large, 7 inch, web-enabled touch screen is included. You can use this touch screen to surf the web, read emails, and more. If the tablet isn’t advanced enough for you, there is also an integrated tablet holder. You will never be bored using this recumbent bike.

There are other features that make the NordicTrack VR25 bike stand out even more. There are heart rate sensors on the handlebars. For those looking for a more accurate heart rate reading, the exercise bike comes with a wireless chest strap. The fan adjusts according to the intensity of your workout, which will keep you cool at all times.

The VR25 is a luxury recumbent bike, which gives it a “luxury” price. It is $1,599. This price is much higher than other bikes available, but is well worth it. The features on this bike are more technologically advanced than other exercise bikes, making it easier to get the most effective workout possible. The design is innovative, and provides comfort for anyone to use this bike.

Key Features

  • iFit Coach compatibility
  • Calorie workouts
  • Performance training
  • Wireless chest strap included
  • Heart rate sensors on handlebars
  • AutoBreeze workout fan that automatically adjusts to workout intensity
  • 7” web-enabled touchscreen
  • 35 built-in workouts, designed by certified professional trainers
  • Intensity training
  • 26 digital resistance levels

Everything to Consider When Purchasing A Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bikes are a great way to get a workout. They provide the opportunity to receive a high intensity workout with low impact on the body. These exercises are especially beneficial for those who can’t handle much pressure on their joints. In fact, recumbent bikes have even been used for physical therapy. Perfectly able-bodied individuals could use recumbent bikes as well. You can get your workout while multitasking on a recumbent bike. It is literally a bike you can sit on, so you can watch TV, read, and do more while using the bike.

When you’re considering purchasing a recumbent bike, there are a lot of factors to consider. Even lower priced recumbent bikes aren’t “cheap”, and are a long term investment. You want to make sure you purchase a bike that completely suits your needs, so you actually use the bike and use it for years to come.


A comfortable recumbent bike is a well-used recumbent bike. Many people don’t look much into comfort when purchasing an exercise bike, which is a huge mistake. Comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a bike. You won’t likely use a bike too often if it’s uncomfortable, essentially throwing hundreds of dollars out.

If you’re purchasing a recumbent bike online, you can’t just sit on the bike and try it out yourself. Therefore, it’s important to know what to look for in terms of comfort. Usually, the more adjustable a bike is, the more comfortable it will be. This is because it can accommodate different body parts. Larger seats and foot pedals are usually more comfortable. Lumbar support will take the strain off of your back, adding comfort to your workout.

Resistance Adjustment and Pre Programmed Workouts

When purchasing a recumbent bike, you should always look for a bike with adjustable resistance. This gives you control over the intensity levels of your workout. The best bikes on the market will have at least 15 resistance levels.

Pre programmed workouts are very important for recumbent bikes. They provide you with a variety of workouts at different difficulty levels. Workouts will keep you from getting bored with your bike, as they provide you with new ways to workout everyday. Usually, recumbent bikes will have at least a few pre programmed workouts. Some higher end bikes will have 20 or more pre programmed workouts, keeping you entertained for a long time.

Additional Features

Additional features added to a recumbent bike provide an overall better user experience. Different bikes have different types of features, which is why it is important to look into different features before deciding on which bike is best for you. Downloadable data, which is when a bike can automatically download your workout progress to various fitness apps, is an increasingly common feature on recumbent bikes. Many people look for this feature as it makes it easy to track your progress from each workout.

Other additional features recumbent bikes might offer include speakers, fans, mobile device holders, Bluetooth compatibility, and more. It is up to you to decide which features are most important to you, and base your decision off of that.

Weight Capacity

Most recumbent bikes are able to be used by anyone up to 250 pounds. However, there are bikes available that are able to hold more weight. If you need a bike with a higher weight capacity, there are bikes available that can go up to 350 pounds.

Our Final Review for the Best Recumbent Bike 

Recumbent bikes are a unique exercise machine designed to make sure you’re comfortable when working out. They are low impact and don’t place much pressure on your lower body. Although low impact, the intensity of the workout is high.

Using a recumbent bike is a highly effective cardio exercise. It is easy to use a recumbent bike for hours, especially when distracted by a music or movie. Recumbent bikes can make you enjoy your workout, ensuring that you actually work out!

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