Are You Desperate to Lose Weight? Here is Your Answer

Are you desperate to lose weight? Well, getting rid of a pound isn’t an easy task, especially if you are planning to do it for the first time. And that is why obesity and other weight related complications are placed among the issues affecting families and office workers around the globe today.

Whether you are looking forward to a bikini season or just concerned about your health this post will brief you on everything you need to know about weight loss and how you can achieve your goals with limited risks. But first, let us focus on the habits you must stop if you want to succeed.

Bad Habits That Will Prevent You From Losing Weight


1. Eating Too Many Healthy Foods

There is no secret that healthy foods are nutritious and might help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. One thing many forget is that even healthy foods have calories. If you eat more, you will be doing yourself nothing less than taking in more calories. In short, regardless of how nutritious the food is, you can’t just overeat it. Always remember to focus on what your body is telling you. Focus on the portions on your plate and eat only when you are hungry.

2. Avoiding Healthy Fats

Many fitness and nutrition fanatics around the world are still under the impression that taking in fats leads to weight gain. What they forget is that there are two types of fats; the saturated and the unsaturated fats.

For example, unsaturated fats such as olive, soy, canola and the rest are healthy and can lower the risk of illnesses as well as increase weight loss. Saturated fats such as those from processed foods contain a lot of calories that might make weight loss a hard task.

Instead of sticking to a low-fat diet or avoiding fatty foods altogether, go for foods with unsaturated fats.

3. Eating in Fast Food Restaurants

Finding time to cook when your work forces you to spend hours in the office is not easy. But that shouldn't prevent you from eating a proper home-cooked meal. No matter how hectic your work environment seems, you can still find a way to stick to healthy home-cooked meals.

You can prepare some healthy meal in the morning and carry it with you to work. Just invest in the best hot pot that can keep your food warm for hours. The only time you should eat out is when there is some special occasion. Keep in mind; a home-cooked meal is not only healthier but also cheaper.

4. Overeating Before Bed Time

Overeating before bedtime is one of the common habits that prevent many people around the world from achieving their weight loss goals. One fact is, eating in evening hours can be tempting, especially for those who like staying up late watching movies.

Even after taking a heavy supper meal, you might feel the need to grab some snack, for example, ice cream or chips. While late night snacking isn’t bad, it can easily prevent you from achieving your goals, especially if you are an overeater. So, find a way to avoid it.

5. Alcoholism

Whether you are fond of spirits, beer or wine, alcohol contains a lot of calories that might make your weight loss mission impossible. Studies have also shown that alcohol might make you eat more than your body needs.

If you are fond of alcohol, you don’t have to leave it entirely, but you can try to reduce your drinks to one glass if you are a woman or two glasses if you are a man. If you find yourself at a party, avoid frozen drinks with high amounts of sugar. Last but not least, drop the habit of going into town without eating anything.

Common Myths That Will Hinder Your Weight Loss Progress

Weight Loss Progress

1. Skipping Breakfast Will Lead to Weight Gain

There is no doubt that taking breakfast every morning is healthy, especially if you are forced to spend many hours each and every day working.

One fact is, you need to have something heavy in the morning to get the energy that will take you throughout the day as well as prevent hunger that might encourage you to overeat later when your body doesn’t need a large meal.

Skipping breakfast will not lead to weight gain provided you can control your portions later in the day. Keep in mind; you should only eat when you are hungry.

2. Snacking is Bad

Many articles you read online or fitness experts you come across will tell you that snacking is not a wise idea if you want to lose weight. One fact is, you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight.

The truth is, snacking once in a while between your meals isn’t a bad idea as claimed. But just like the meal choices you make, there is bad snacking as well as healthy snacking. If you want to maintain a healthy weight loss progress, you must be able to distinguish between the bad and good snacks.

I would suggest that, instead if choosing fatty and sugary foods such as chips and more, go with nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Also, avoid the foods that you had eaten during at breakfast, lunch or supper.

3. Some Foods Burn More Calories Than Others

When you search online for weight loss diets, you will come across many articles listing foods that can help you burn calories.

Even though different foods provide varying health benefits, many health experts, researchers and nutrition enthusiast around the world are still having trouble agreeing on whether calories in various foods differ. One fact is, regardless of the food it comes from, a calorie will remain a calorie.

While there are those foods that might increase your metabolism, the impact is too small to be realized. In short, no food will improve the calorie burning process in your body or increase your metabolic rate significantly.

4.  If You Exercise Regularly, You Can Eat As You Like

Apparently, exercising will increase the calorie-burning process in your body. So, if you can maintain your eating habit and add some workout routine, you will without a doubt lose some pounds. Many people think that exercising offers them a chance to eat anything.

The reality of the matter is, if you are not careful, you will find yourself eating more after a vigorous exercise. Probably, you will double the number of calories you take everything, and this might compromise your weight loss progress. Regardless of how hard you exercise, eating more can still lead to weight gain.

5. Weighing Yourself Every Day Might Hinder Your Weight Loss Progress

Weighing yourself only to find that you’ve added some pounds can be demotivating, especially if you are desperate to lose weight. One thing you must remember is that weight doesn’t decrease steadily. It fluctuates. There may be times when your weight will drop as well as the times when your weight will increase.

If you don't weigh yourself often to find out what you’ve achieved, you might not like what you find after one or two weeks. Weighing yourself regularly, allows you to monitor your weight closely. Also, it allows you to see how your body behaves to different foods making it easy for you to control your eating habits.

How to Lose Weight With Limited Risks

How to Lose Weight

1.  Drink More Water

You might have trouble dealing with your cravings if you are always feeling hungry. An empty stomach can also encourage you to take large portions. Studies have shown that drinking some water, especially before your meals can improve weight loss.

What happens is that drinking water before your meals will fill you up preventing you from eating more during your meals. Studies have also shown that water can improve your metabolism by approximately 30 percent encouraging your body to burn more calories. So, ensure that you drink at least a glass of water 20 to 30 minutes before your meals.

2.  Replace Cooking Fat With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil offers a lot of healthy benefits. It is packed with a variety of healthy fats that metabolize differently compared to other fats. Studies have also shown that these fats can help improve your metabolism and help burn up to 120 calories in one day.

Also, it can help reduce your appetite preventing you from overeating. However, if you want to experience all the benefits, you need to replace the fats you’ve been using with coconut oil.

3. Watch your portions

One the most efficient and safest way to lose weight is to control your portions. You can simply do this, by using smaller plates or not finishing the food in your plate. You can also achieve this by listing down your meals.

By doing this, you will be able to make the required adjustments for a healthier eating habit. Studies have shown that this can also help you reduce the number of calories that goes into your system every day.

4. Include More Vegetables And Fruits in Your Diet

Vegetables and fruits contain a variety of ingredients that makes them the best choice for weight loss. Apart from having few calories, they contain a lot of fiber and water that will keep you full for many hours preventing you from overeating.

According to many studies, individuals who include a lot of vegetables and fruits in their diets tend to weigh less compared to those who don’t. Besides, they are nutritious and healthy. I would advise that you take a lot of vegetables and fruits before your bedtime instead of fatty or sugary foods.

5. Sleep Well

Often overlooked, getting a sound sleep is vital for weight loss. First, getting a sound sleep improves your focus making it easy for you to control your cravings throughout the day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown that most people who are obese don’t always get enough sleep.

Other studies have also shown that sleep regulates the way your fat cells functions determining how your body burns or stores fat. Experts suggest that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Doing this will not only help you deal with your cravings but will also increase the fat burning process making it easy for you to lose weight.

6. Learn From Experts Like Adam Steer or Mike Westerdal

Adam Steer is one of the most experienced fitness experts who has spent years studying some of the best calisthenics athletes and experts. He has also created a workout plan called the 21-minute method that will help you lose weight without letting go of your favorite foods.

Another person you will enjoy listening to is Mike Westerdal who has been offering advice to men and women on how to lose belly fat and stay in shape. I can't say they are the only experts you can find. But I can say, they are among the most experienced fitness experts you will ever hear from.

Additional Tips

• Eat more healthy proteins – Healthy proteins such as skinless chicken and fish will keep you full as well as boost your metabolism.

• Go salad on your lunch – Combining salad with protein and some healthy fats is an excellent idea for lunch as it will keep you feeling full for many hours making it easy for you to deal with your cravings.

• Don’t drive when you can walk or bike – Having a car doesn’t mean you will be traveling to every place or every time. If the place you want to go is near, walk or bike.

• Engage in calorie-burning, but fun activities – Swimming, hiking, kayaking, and cycling are some of the fun activities that will help burn more calories. To make it more fun, do it with friends or other family members.

• Eat slowly – According to many studies, people who eat slowly take in fewer calories compared to those who chew faster. So, learn to eat longer and don’t rush to finish everything on your plate.

• Find a workout buddy – Sometimes exercising alone can be demotivating. Exercising with a friend will make you competitive. You will want to do more than what your friend is doing and in that process, you will end up achieving more than you could have achieved competing against yourself.

The Final Words

Sticking to a healthy habit can be hard without an effective exercise and diet plan. One thing we can all agree on is that losing weight is a task itself. Trying to do it in a healthy way makes it even harder, but not when you are committed. You don’t have to alter your whole lifestyle or eliminate all your favorite meals.

All you need is to make small changes in your life each and every day. Don’t be too hasty to achieve what others have achieved. Just make sure, you are having the right foods at the right time and exercise regularly. Last but not least, don’t leave out any tip in this article. To learn more about how to lose weight with limited risk click here.

5 Foods that Combat Cravings and Help You Lose Weight
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