21 Day Proven Guaranteed Full Body Workouts For Women

Many women start enthusiastic and with good intentions. But they soon give up. Why? They realize that their exercise program does not produce results fast enough. The following four-move full body workouts for women that I prepared will prove that there is a fast method for a leaner body.

Do I raise some eyebrows now? Is it possible that a full body workout can deliver a leaner body in just three weeks? Yes, it is. And it does not cost you much. You need not even make a trip to the gym for this. I specially designed this program so that you can conveniently do it anywhere you want.


This method is not just one of the many quick-fix workouts, though. And you will find out how.I am not surprised why some of you are skeptical about any quick-result workouts. It’s not that there are no shortcuts in getting a firmer and a leaner body. Rather, many women fail to develop the habit of exercising as they should. They stop after a few attempts.

Another possible issue that can be attributed to their failure is that women don’t take into consideration their basal metabolic rate (BMR) when doing their workout program.

Now, let me explain first why you need to develop the habit of doing the full body workouts regularly. Exercise is essential in helping you burn body fat. You need to make your muscles active to create physiological changes in maintaining and building new muscle mass.

For each pound of muscle, your body requires around 50 to 100 calories to sustain that muscle mass. Once you have built more muscles, the greater fat you burn. Conversely, when you stop exercising, you lose that muscle, consequently reducing your body’s ability to burn fat.

In this four-move full body workouts, however, you will already build new muscle mass after just a few days. But I intentionally set it as a 21-day program because I want you to develop the habit. I don’t want you to stop doing the exercises even after getting your desired results. That’s simply a wrong attitude!

To maintain a consistent leaner body, you have to make it a habit of exercising. Research has shown that it takes around 21 days to form a habit.

As you go into this full body workouts, you also need to be conscious about your BMR. BMR is the number of calories your body consumes throughout the day, at rest, or while you are asleep. In other words, your calorie intake should not exceed the amount of energy you burn daily.

Likewise, it is equally important that you maintain a proper and healthy diet as you go into the full body workouts. Otherwise, your workout program will be in vain.

And so, to guide you through, I prepared this simple 4-moves full body workout for women that will guarantee you a leaner body for a long time. Or, even forever! The only key to that success is your diligence to do the routines.

What You Will Need For This Program

1.Got 15 Minutes?

Yes, this four-move full body workout set takes only 15 minutes of your time each day. You can do this at home anytime at your convenience. But wait, when I say ‘at your convenience’, I do not mean you may do it only when you feel like working out. No way! Rather, I mean that it would be better if you do the exercises at the same time every day.

2. Do This Easy Routine At Least 4 Times A Week.

But you may also want to extend it to 6 days if you like a high-impact exercise.

Since these exercises are meant to move all of your muscle groups you can expect to achieve two goals here, namely:

 You have to do each session with no rest in between. The purpose of which is to keep your momentum. Don’t worry. You will not be gasping for breath in the process. If you wish, you may perform it low-impact, depending your body’s capacity.

Repeat this set of full body workouts three or four times per session. Be sure to rest for a minute in between each set.

To keep you motivated while you workout, you may play a music of your choice in the background.

Materials to have:

  1. ​An exercise bench
  2. A pair of dumbbells. If you are a beginner, you may start with one-kilogram pieces. Then, as you progress, you may also increase the weight of your dumbbells gradually.However, if dumbbells are not available at home, you may find anything you have in the house.
  3. A pair of 1.5-liter water bottle will do, for as long as you feel comfortable with it.
  4. An exercise mat. Although this is optional, you can keep one handy for safety reasons.

How to Do The Full Body Workout

Now, let’s get down to the matter of it all. Here are the easy-to-follow instructions on how to achieve a guaranteed leaner body in just three weeks.

The Squat

  1. Stand astride. Keep your feet at hip width apart. You may stand on the exercise mat for your safety. Warm up a bit. Relax and breathe deeply for a few seconds to prepare your body for the ensuing activity.
  2. Hold your dumbbells at your sides. Make sure your palms face inward.
  3. Get down to a squat position until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Just imagine you are sitting on a chair. Do this process slowly in the beginning.
  4. Keep your knees directly over your toes. Be sure that they do not jut out past them.
  5. Gradually return to the starting position. You may intensify your movement as you progress.
  6. Repeat this step 12 to 15 times.

Chest Press

  1. Lie down on your back on the exercise bench. Make sure you are comfortable in your position.
  2. Rest your feet flat on the floor and at a right angle to your body.
  3. Then hold your dumbbells up over your chest. Keep them at arm’s length.
  4. Make sure that your palms are turned slightly inward.
  5. Slowly bring your arms down until the weights are on the same level with your chest.
  6. Bring the dumbbells back up to the starting position. Again, you may do this step slowly at the beginning and gradually increase the intensity as you progress.
  7. Repeat this procedure 12 to 15 times.

There you have it! It’s that easy, isn’t it! Start out today and let me know of your full body workout journey in the next few days. I would highly appreciate it if you will share your experience with us here.

It would be great if you recorded your weight before you start the workout. That original weight will serve as your gauge. Also, try to weigh yourself regularly throughout this program so you can monitor your daily progress.

From there, you would know how much you lose at the end of 21 days. Once you have completed this three-week program, you will realize that you would not want to stop there. By then, you have developed the habit.

​These are some of the easiest full body workouts you will ever come across. So, you know they might fail to work if you aren’t dedicated enough. They require confidence, diligence, a positive mindset and most importantly, competence.

If you find this full body workout helpful, how about sharing the same program with your family and women friends? You’ll be making them happy and healthier, too. As you can see, this 4-move exercise set does not consume much of your time. So, it is ideal for working women and mothers.

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